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Joyous, Not Broke: How to Buy an Affordable Engagement Ring

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Have you heard of the “three-month rule?” This rule states that you should wow your prospective wife with an engagement ring worth a quarter of your annual salary.

However, we can all agree that this concept is outdated, to say the least. From the assumption that it’s only men proposing to the idea that women won’t be happy without a massive diamond on their finger, there have been a lot of changes since this ‘rule’ was popularized.

Don’t feel bad if you’re shopping for an affordable engagement ring. After all, no one wants to start a marriage broke and hungry! Choosing a cheaper ring doesn’t mean it needs to be any less beautiful or special.

If you want to find your dream ring, read on!

Don’t Buy Natural Diamonds

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Unfortunately for you, diamonds are also pretty costly! However, there are diamond alternatives that you can purchase, and no one will know the difference.

Check out lab-grown diamonds (yes, really!) or faux diamonds made from cubic zirconia. Although a diamond expert would be able to tell the difference, friends and family won’t.

Alternatively, opt for different gemstones – although, it’s best to check with your future spouse whether a non-diamond ring is acceptable in their eyes!

Choose an Affordable Ring Band

Next, once you’ve decided on your diamonds or gemstones, it’s time to look at wedding bands. Classic yellow gold, white gold, and platinum bands are the most popular.

However, this is a place you can save money without sacrificing aesthetics. For example, a sterling silver band looks just as beautiful as white gold and is a fraction of the price (you can get more info here).

Shop Online

Finally, don’t feel like you need to visit expensive jewelers in your city. There are hundreds of online jewelers that provide a range of engagement ring styles at affordable prices.

Additionally, at many of these online vendors, you can customize your ring design instead of having to pick an engagement ring that’s already set in stone.

If you’re looking for a cheap engagement ring, online vendors are a smart choice.

However, make sure you check the reviews and returns policies of the store you choose to buy an engagement ring from. If the ring isn’t what you’d hoped, you need to know you can return it and choose a different one.

Find the Best Affordable Engagement Ring Today

Are you ready to shop for a beautiful and affordable engagement ring? Now you know what to look for.

Despite what popular jewelers may want you to think, most people will be delighted with a thoughtfully chosen engagement ring, regardless of the price.

So, it’s time to think of a creative way to find out their ring size and start shopping!

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