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Is Oxygen Sensor In Your Car Is Controlling O2 Levels Effectively?

Is the oxygen sensor in your car’s engine system effectively controlling O2 levels in your exhaust gas? If not, visit Parts Avatar Canada to replace it at affordable rates

Oxygen sensors are one of the most crucial components of a vehicle. Unfortunately, it is also the most forgettable car part, as it gets lost in the heavy-duty equipments that make up the entire engine system of a car. But neglecting to check up on the status of the oxygen sensor is not only debilitating for the car’s health, it is also a federal offence in most countries including Canada.

Every oxygen sensor installed, original or replaced, must follow a fixed set of OE standards. This is why it is always wise to opt for well-known and trusted brands such as Denso, Beck Arnley, Bosch, Blue Streak, which are the leading manufacturers of oxygen sensors. All these brands can are made available under a single roof, or rather site – Parts Avatar Canada. One can compare the products and prices on offer on the site and choose the one that suits their needs the most in a matter of minutes.

Oxygen sensors have evolved over the years and these no longer serve only a singular purpose. In old car models, there used to be only one oxygen sensor that was tasked with regulating the fuel/air ratio in the exhaust. However, times have changed and there are as many as 4 oxygen sensors in a car, nowadays. In addition to controlling the oxygen percentage in the exhaust gas, they also keep the catalytic converter in check as well. This has made it even more difficult to hunt down the oxygen sensors that match the exact make and model of your car. This is where Parts Avatar Ontario makes shopping for oxygen sensors easy. It gives you the opportunity to categorically search, either by brand or car part or car model so that you don’t have to waste time narrowing down search results manually to find what you are looking for.

While the oxygen sensor might seem like the small, insignificant part of the engine system that a car may do without, that is not the case. While this particular car part might look trivial, it plays a big in always keeping the air-fuel ratio in the exhaust gas in check. It carries the unique capability of assessing the oxygen content in the exhaust gas that in turn determines its level of combustion. It does so by creating the amount of voltage (ranging from rich to lean) that equals the amount of O2 in the exhaust gas at a particular time. The air-fuel ratio, however, is subject to frequent alterations since the sensor picks up the data every 4-100 times after carefully analyzing the percentage of oxygen in the exhaust gas.

In case you are a first-time driver, having no clue about what the fuss is all about when it comes to an oxygen sensor, you might want to brush up your knowledge by taking a look at the diagram below that explains just where an oxygen sensor fits in:

The oxygen sensor is, in reality, a ceramic device which is encased in a housing that protects it from mechanical friction inside the vehicle as well as facilitates its easy mounting when all the car parts are assembled together. The ceramic structure that forms the core of the oxygen sensor is made of stabilized zirconium dioxide, which again is coated in a porous ceramic layer that comes in direct contact with the exhaust gas. Other than that, fine particles of electrodes also line the ceramic surface of the auto part that is made up of a platinum layer. Exhaust gas can permeate through the electrode layer. This is why the additional ceramic coating is required, so that the electrode layer does not get eroded by contamination of the combustion residue and the toxic particles in the exhaust gases.

The life of an oxygen sensor is directly dependent upon the kind of fuel you feed your car. So make sure to avoid over-the-counter fuel brands that are not oxygen sensor approved. Fuels like these contain small amounts of tetra-ethyl lead in the oils which is damaging for the oxygen sensor, when it gets exposed to it for a prolonged amount of time.

Another factor that can cause the difference between having a durable oxygen sensor that lasts for a long period of time and having one which needs to be changed quite often is the brand you purchase the product from. While purchasing aftermarket car parts from lesser know car parts dealers might save you a buck or two, it might ultimately end up costing you more than you would have liked in the long run because you would need to keep repurchasing the same auto part over and over again.  On the other hand, making a one-time investment by purchasing a replacement oxygen sensor from a leading car manufacturer such as Walker, available in Parts Avatar Ontario ensures that your oxygen sensor functions without a glitch for years to come.

In addition to that, Walker also provides only the best features when it comes to oxygen sensors. Here is a list of the features available in Walker’s oxygen sensors:

  • Longevity of oxygen sensors.
  • Lower emissions than most other oxygen sensors in the market.
  • Meets all the specifications set by OEM.
  • Enhanced engine performance and response.
  • Top in line as far as fuel economy goes.

Head right to Parts Avatar Toronto to pick up a replacement oxygen sensor made by Walker if you want the very best for your car.

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