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Interviewing the Best Candidate: Ranking Strategies for Employers

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The ‘Great Resignation’ is continuing to make waves as people prioritize healthy work environments.

Nearly 5 million people have been quitting their jobs each month, in search of better opportunities.

Most companies are trying to fill vacancies, and if you handle things right, you can find staff for your team. Continue reading to discover how you can find the best candidate, no matter what position you have open!

Broaden Your Search

If you want the best candidate for your open job, you need to broaden your search.

Although hiring from within comes with its benefits, you can find more qualified people for the job elsewhere. Posting job opportunities on career sites, social media, and your company site will help attract more candidates.

If you only promote from within and don’t invest in getting the word out, your options will remain limited.

Look Beyond Their Resume

One of the best strategies to try during the interview process is to look beyond your candidate’s resume.

Experience and education are important, but for many jobs, personality is a better investment. If you find someone that’s passionate and willing to learn, you can mold them into an ideal employee.

Make sure you invest in each employee so they will help push your company forward. When everyone can work together and guide each other, the team can increase productivity.

Prepare Your Interview Questions

Streamlining your interview process with interview questions can improve your hiring decisions.

There are a few standard questions to ask for all positions. Depending on the role, you should also include more specific open-ended questions that apply to the role. You want to ask the same questions to each candidate so you have a reliable measuring tool.

It’s okay if your interviews get a little off course, but these questions will set the standard.

Meet in Person

Phone calls and video chats are great for initial interviews, but larger roles require management to meet candidates.

Investing a portion of payroll and resources in a new person can cost a lot for a company. Meeting your candidates in person will give you more confidence while hiring and help you discover more options.

If you don’t have time to interview candidates, a real estate executive recruiter can help. Working with a recruitment team can expedite the process and help you find the best candidate. Before hiring them, you’ll have a chance to meet for an interview, don’t pass this up.

Don’t Let the Best Candidate Sneak By

Whether you need to fill a position quickly or have time, you don’t want to make a rushed decision.

Hiring new employees is an investment, and if you don’t pick the right ones, you can waste time and money. By utilizing this guide, you can find the best candidate for your team and ensure they will work well with others. When you look beyond a person’s resume, you can discover their work ethic, communication styles, and abilities.

If you want to learn more about the recruitment process and making hiring decisions, read our blog for the latest content!

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