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Interior Sliding Doors


Modern home design allows for incorporating traditional designs or newer styles and technology, often incorporating the two concepts together such as with interior sliding doors. Sliding doors have a certain practicality about them, as they don’t take up floor space in the room to open and close. They are conveniently out of the way when you want the door to remain open, yet allow for privacy and a division of space when there is a need to close them.

Traditional Sliding Doors

Traditionally sliding doors tended to either be built into a wall or as used for closets, in which case the doors overlap allowing access to one half of the closet space or the other. Today’s interior sliding doors offer more options and styles. They are appropriate in lieu of traditional doors between rooms, and can also serve as room dividers for a larger room you might prefer open at times or need broken into two separate spaces on other occasions.

Glass doors add a particular elegance to a room while allowing light through with or without a clear field of vision. They don’t have to be the traditional French style swinging doors, as sliding doors offer distinct advantages most notably as saving space. For privacy, they can be outfitted with curtains, or the glass used might be frosted or tinted according to what works best for their specific function.

Suspended Doors and Other Options

Suspended doors are a great new option for interior sliding doors, as they don’t require ground tracks yet remain fully functional and stable. For the sake of strength and safety, they can be made of either tempered or laminated glass. It’s important to be aware of local building code and discuss with your contractor what will work best toward your specific needs, both practical and cosmetic, when deciding on which sliding doors to have installed. Be sure that in addition to explaining your first ideas, you allow the contractor to explain other options you might not be aware of, and how sliding doors have worked well for projects they completed in the past.


Although a talented do it yourselfer might be capable of installing sliding glass doors, it’s advisable to discuss the project with a professional. They will be properly trained in safety procedures for delivering and installing glass products, and they have experience in completing the project without problem. The professional is going to be able to install the doors more efficiently and faster than the layman. Further, a professional team can add their knowledge to the project because they understand what works and why, and can help you decide on your best options.

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