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In Search of Beautiful Vanki!! Then Here Is Your Right Stop

In Search of Beautiful Vanki

Family occasions are a great time to buy Jewellery.  Last time we bought gold was for my sister’s wedding when my mom and my sister and me, got a matching Kasula Peru.  The only difference was the colour of the stone on the kasu.  This time, it’s my dearest cousin’s wedding, and we are just thrilled that we have one more occasion to buy Jewellery!  After all, they are a woman’s best friend!  So, after a couple of rounds of discussion, we came to the conclusion that a vaddanam will be a little too heavy for this wedding, and will postpone it for our parent’s 50th anniversary.  We decided this wedding season we will gift ourselves beautiful royal Vanki.

What it is!

A Vanki has been decorating the South Indian brides for years now.  A South Indian Jewellery set is incomplete without a Vanki.  So, one fine afternoon, we started our Vanki hunt.  We researched a little bit about different Vanki designs and wanted to check the latest models available in stores.  We went from one store to another to find that perfect Vanki.  Finally, as a part of our store hopping, we came to Vaibhav Jewellers. I had heard through a friend of mine that they always showcase the latest trend and also have the most attractive traditional Jewellery.  We saw different workmanships and models of Vanki. There were many intricately designed Vankis with rubies; emeralds, diamonds and other precious stones studded and designs varying from plain, floral motifs or figurines of Demigods, elephants, swans and peacocks embellished on them.

Picking the right one

Now was the time to make a choice.  My sister really liked the two in one Vanki (armlet or Bajubandh) which can be used as a choker also in antique Mughal design.   The red finish of the gold was different and had a rich antique look to it.  The Ram Parivar adorned the Vanki and it had cz’s pacchi work too.  But the main deal maker for my sisters Vanki which was a 2-in-1.  She wanted her Jewellery to spend less time in the locker.  My mother picked an Ara-Vanki that matched with her traditional Vanki ring design. It was an elegant one with one ruby and one emerald studded.  Now came my turn to choose.  I wanted to go all traditional yet stylish.  So, I picked a Nakashi work, traditional Lakshmi two in one Vanki.  My idea was to match this Vanki with my temple Jewellery haaram.  The make and the work were a perfect match. So, all three of us were all set for the upcoming wedding.  My mother thought that it would be great to gift a gold ring for her brother’s daughter for the wedding.  We checked the latest gold ring designs here, and as we were in the mood of Vanki, we picked one that was in the shape of an Ara-vanki.  The Ara-Vanki shaped ring has been a traditional engagement ring for South Indians since time immemorial.

A memorable experience

The collection and shopping experience at Vaibhav Jewellers needs a special mention. The workmanship, prices and Jewellery will surely put you in a happy place. For those of you who can’t make time to shop, or stay aboard, try their state of art video shopping.   The friendly and knowledgeable staff will showcase the Jewellery as per your choice. You can also enjoy a host of benefits such as International shipping, free transit insurance, free 15 days return policy, easy EMI payment option and above all a beautiful ensemble of Jewellery.

I am extremely happy with the Vanki I bought and also with the shopping experience at Vaibhav Jewellers.  You can check out your nearest branch for the latest designs, or simply browse on www.vaibhavjewellers.com  and buy online for a seamless experience.

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