In-Depth View about the Second Phone Number App

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With the up rise of the system of using a second phone number, we have seen, according to sources that the graph showing the success of the company, Dollar Digits has a constant raise. This is due to the constant rise in the trust and faith that people has on Dollar Digits. Thus, today, in this article we have come up with all the pricing details of the second phone number app, to help you get a clear idea on all the pricing so that you can choose what is best for you.

Guides regarding the pricing of the second phone number app

The second phone number app from Dollar Digits has a wide variety pricing details for all the different plans they have to offer you. Do remember, that the pricing may be given in a currency other than your own country’s currency. But, there is nothing to worry. You will be asked to pay or charged according to the evaluation of that particular sum in your own currency. Obviously, if you want a detailed description about all the specific details, then you can straight away head to the official website of Dollar Digits, that is,

There are a total of five packs which are available for you to apply from. Out of these five packs, one is only when you sign up, that is the starting kit or the package which you get when to start up. This first pack for starting is a free pack and has no charges. This is sort of a trial package which comes for free but only for 3 days. The remaining paid packages are explained below:

  • The 7 days, package: This 7 days, package costs around $1.99. This package includes the tariff of 60 SMS along with 20 minutes of talk time.
  • The 30 days, package: This package is the most commonly used package. This 30 days, package costs around $3.99. This package includes the tariff of 150 SMS along with 50 minutes of talk time.
  • The 365 days, package: This 365 days, package costs around $29.99. This package includes the tariff of 1100 SMS and 500 minutes of talk time.
  • The unlimited package: This is a package which is of the type “pay as you go”. It starts with $1.99 and gives you a tariff of $0.05 per minute.

These packages are definitely worth it and also quite reasonable when compared to the price point. Thus, opting for these packages would never be a bad choice and will definitely offer you with a smile.

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