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Important things worth knowing while buying surveillance camera for home security

Are you worried with the increased rate of crime in your neighbourhood? Do you have a child to be looked after when you leave for work? Are you not able to take your family out on vacation because you do not want to leave the house empty with no one to look after? If any of these concerns are bothering you, it is time that you look at investing on surveillance camera system for increasing the security of your home.

Thanks to the huge advancements in the field of technology over the last few years, surveillance camera for home security in India is not a very uncommon thing any longer. Reading on till the end will teach you about the things that you need to check while buying the surveillance cameras for CP Plus clients or your personal use.

Choose the type of camera

Primarily there are two types of security cameras – one for indoor surveillance and the other one for outdoor surveillance. Depending on your needs and obviously the price of the units, you would need to choose either one or both of them while buying surveillance cameras for your home.

Colour or black & White

This is another thing that you would have to decide on while you buy the security cameras. It does not need any special intelligence to understand that the colour cameras would be more expensive as compared to the black & white ones. If you get good resolution of the video with a black and white camera, spending extra money on the colour units could actually be a waste of your hard-earned money.

Resolution of the camera

A security camera with blurred video images is of little use. It is this important that you check the resolution of the surveillance camera before buying one. The HD cameras are obviously the best choice when looking for good resolution, but looking at the price of these cameras, you may want to settle for a standard camera with a respectable resolution.

Coverage of the camera

If you do not want to invest on multiple cameras to cover a wide area indoors or outdoors, it is wise that you choose a camera with a wide field of view. Anything between 130º to 180º should be good enough to cover a wide area with a single camera lens.

Wired or Wireless

When everything around you is going wireless, why would you want to stick to those messy wired security cameras? Not only they fail to provide mobility of the camera, but installing them and maintaining them is a matter of headache for many. Instead, wireless cameras are found at quite reasonable prices and can provide similar or better features as the wired ones. Unless you are prejudiced to use the wired cameras, it is the wireless units that are recommended for home security.

Apart from these points that are mentioned above, there are certain other factors as well. These include recording features of the camera, audio capturing capabilities of the camera, and the pan/tilt/zoom capabilities of the camera as well. Finding a good home security camera that carries all these features with it is not a very difficult task if you look at the right stores and ask the right people.

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