How Will I Understand That My Debt Defense Lawyer Is Not Conning Me?

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Debt settlement cases are quite complex and difficult to deal with. The odds of winning a full settlement in a debt case are too negligent. Credit companies have a much bigger network of debt collection lawyers representing them. They also have valid reasons to support them in the case. Debt settlement cases usually can go against your interest. The best way to deal with such a case is to accept the fact and deal with it yourself because it can further save some money. But if you still consider working with an attorney, you must not be intrigued by what the firms say. Instead, you must look for certain traits and signs before hiring a Chicago debt defense attorney.

Here are some tips on the understanding that your lawyer is not conning you about the case.

Not guaranteeing you anything

A debt settlement case is not an easy one. Hence, whenever you see that your law firm is guaranteeing extraordinary settlement promises, consider that your lawyer is conning you. If your lawyer tells you the true possibilities of success in the case, the risks associated with it, and the difficult procedures, you can understand that your lawyer is not conning you.

Informing you about the probability of settlement

Being on the debtor side in such cases can be seriously difficult. It is very hard to escape when your credit company sues you for unpaid debts. If you are working with a good and trusted lawyer, he will tell you the current possibility of getting a settlement. If your lawyer insists you have a sure chance of getting a complete settlement, your lawyer is conning you.

No upfront fees

Not only upfront fees, but genuine debt settlement lawyers don’t take any fee. At times, some do take a very low fee while working in a debt-related case. However, under any circumstance, they are not allowed to take any advance before your debt is settled. A lawyer who knows this and refrains from taking any money from you before the case is trustable. If your lawyer or the law firm demands money for the case, you must understand that they are conning you.


While hiring a lawyer, make sure you check every review and take opinions from people about the lawyer. Ensure that the lawyer you are hiring has dealt with such cases in the past and is transparent about the case with you.

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