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How to Write on a PDF

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According to the PDF Association, PDFs are the third most used online file format. The only file formats used more are webpages’ two primary file formats.

Regardless of what you do for work, you use PDFs. Even kids use PDFs.

While you might view them all the time, you’ve likely wondered, ‘how can I write on a PDF?’ Maybe you just assumed you couldn’t. With a PDF editing tool, writing on a PDF is very easy.

Here is a little about what a PDF is, how to write on a PDF, and how you can convert other file types to PDF so you can easily write on them, too.

What Is a PDF?

Portable Document Format, what we all know as PDF, was created by Adobe as a universal document type that can be shared and viewed regardless of the operating system, software, or device someone has. So whether you are using an iPhone or a Windows PC, you can view a PDF.

How to Write on a PDF Document

Writing or typing text on a pdf is very simple, but you will need to use a PDF editing tool. Many free ones are available online, including one on the Adobe website.

Do a web search for a free PDF editing tool to find one. Most allow you to write on a PDF in a few simple steps.

  1. Upload your PDF to your PDF editor of choice
  2. Use the editing tools to add and format your text (some editors even allow you to add drawings)
  3. Download your marked-up file

Some editors may provide you with a share link if the file is stored in the cloud. You can use most PDF editors on a mobile device or computer.

How to Convert Other Documents to PDF

Now that you have the answer to ‘how do you write on a PDF,’ you might wish to convert other file types to PDF, whether a Google Sheet, a PowerPoint presentation, or simply an image.

Some software, such as Google Sheets, allows you to download or export a file into PDF format easily. For instance, simply click on File>Download>PDF to convert a Google Sheet.

Even web pages can be converted to PDF. While most of us would not have this need at home, most businesses do.

For instance, with PDF converters such as EVOPDF, web developers and designers can convert web pages to PDF and send them to others involved in the project. Since team members can write on a PDF, unlike a webpage, they can make comments and suggestions to give feedback to the development team.

Isn’t Writing on a PDF Easy?

Now that you know how to write on a PDF, you’ll find it a very convenient skill to have. Whether you need to make notes in an eBook, you’re reading, or you want to leave comments for a work colleague, now you can. You might even want to learn other convenient PDF tricks.

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