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How to Wear Gold Jewelry: A Quick Guide

Warmer weather is right around the corner, and with it, it’s time to bust out your new wardrobe. If your mind isn’t already on the fashion statements you might be planning to make in the new season, it’s certainly time to start thinking of your closet now.

One way to turn any simple outfit into something fantastic? A few choice pieces of gold jewelry. Well accented jewelry can turn an ordinary outfit into something truly special if you know how to wear gold in the right way.

What are some essential tips and tricks on incorporating gold pieces into your wardrobe? Read on for some of our best style tips.

Keep an Uncluttered Look

When it comes to gold, a little goes a long way. The main thing you’ll want to keep in mind when adorning your next outfit is to not go overboard with all of the best gold jewelry you have.

Keeping an uncluttered look is important for maintaining the classy atmosphere that gold jewelry can provide. The whole point in having a piece of stunning gold jewelry is to have it stand out.

If you’ve overcrowded your ensemble, no one particular piece will be able to have its moment, and your wardrobe will end up feeling overstuffed as a result.

Pare down your look before you head out of the house and you’ll be better off for it.

Utilize Different Gold Colors

When you think of gold jewelry, your mind likely goes right to the traditional yellow gold that you see most often. However, that isn’t the only option when it comes to gold jewelry.

For centuries, craftsmen have been creating gold pieces in all kinds of different shades and colors. There are plenty of stunning pieces that come in white, rose, and amber shades that can bring a whole new element to your wardrobe.

Utilizing different colors allows you to surprise with an unpredictable twist, and gives you more options when it comes to mixing up your summer look.

Mix a Few Metals

Decades and decades ago, it was a fashion faux pas to mix different types of metals in one wardrobe look. These days, there’s no such issue.

You no longer have to weigh the benefits of gold vs silver because there’s no reason not to utilize both when crafting a look.

Pairing your gold pieces with a few that are silver, bronze, or platinum can help to create a look that is really one-of-a-kind. Try one particular metal around your neck and another in the form of a ring.

You can layer jewelry and come up with different combinations that speak to you. You might be surprised at how this mixing helps to create different vibes.

How to Wear Gold Jewelry

If you’re trying to elevate your wardrobe this year, learning how to wear gold jewelry properly can help to do the trick. The above are a few essential tips when it comes to using these kinds of pieces to make your outfit pop.

Need more fashion advice? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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