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How to Wear a Suit With Absolute Style

Have you heard the news about Marks & Spencer dropping men’s suits at over half its stores?

Men’s fashion tastes are moving to a more casual look nowadays. However, suits are not going anywhere. You only have to learn how to wear a suit properly to make it work.

You have to know how to style suits for any occasion. Read on to get tips on how to wear it formally or casually.

Learn the Basics

When learning how to wear a suit jacket, the first thing you discover is always keeping the last bottom button open. At the same time, always button the top.

Keeping the belt and shoes in the same color is best for a coordinated look. If you wear a leather watch, match it with your belt and shoes.

Black and brown shoes are both solid choices, but avoid wearing them together. For example, never wear black shoes with a brown suit and vice versa.

Mind the Fit

The best-looking suit for anyone is the one with the perfect fit. Even the most expensive suit looks less-than-stellar on you when it does not contour to your body. The same applies to all types of suits.

Bespoke suits guarantee the best fit for both your body measurements and behavior. However, they come with a hefty price. If it is beyond budget, you can have any tailored jacket instead.

Keep It Simple in Formal Events

For formal events, the default choice is three-piece suits. You can check this page for examples.

Focus on simplicity with a classic color, such as black for evening functions. Gray and navy hues work better during daytime events. Complete the look with a tie or bow tie.

Learn How to Wear a Suit Casually

A suit elevates a casual look on any occasion. The basic rules apply while keeping a precise fit.

Learn how to wear a suit without a tie to achieve a casual look. Ensure the outfit does not look incomplete. Instead, make it seem like omitting the tie is a deliberate choice.

Wearing a non-business suit paired with a less formal shirt is a must. Choose contrasting colors, such as a white shirt to a blue suit.

Unbutton at least one top button or keep the suit open. Wear sneakers or loafers to complete your outfit.

Use Accessories

Whether formal or casual, you need proper suit accessories. A specific look demands the right accessories. A tie, pocket square, and dress shoes work.

You can accessorize a casual look without a tie. Instead, wear a lapel pin or a colored or patterned pocket square.

Keep Learning How to Wear a Suit With Style

These are basic rules to keep in mind when learning how to wear a suit. However, what matters most is your taste.

You can inject your style into anything you wear. Never hesitate to show a part of your personality when wearing a suit.

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