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How to Spot Fake Sports Collectibles

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In February 2022, a Babe Ruth autographed baseball sold for $7,200. Sports memorabilia like this has been valuable for most Americans’ lifetimes. Since the early 20th century, these products have sold for incredible sums.

Maybe you’re a sports collector and want to find the best sports autographs. Or perhaps you want to sell your sports collectibles and want to know how much you can expect.

However, there’s an obvious wrench in these plans. Notably, several fake sports collectibles exist on the market. So, how can you tell fake memorabilia from authentic items?

Fortunately, there are several ways to distinguish between fake and authentic items. We’ll explore some of these tips in this guide!

Find a Proof of Authenticity to Prevent Fake Autographs

There are several ways to verify an autograph’s authenticity. For example, let’s say you have an autographed baseball and want to sell it online. Potential buyers will want to prove that you have an authentic autograph.

There are a few ways to verify this authenticity. First, consider taking photos of the moment the player signed your ball. Alternatively, you can show comparisons of your autograph with a verified signature.

Buyers can also verify an autograph by submitting it to an authenticity agency. These agencies exist to verify sports memorabilia and prove that their signatures are legitimate.

Research Your Sellers

Another way to avoid buying or selling fake memorabilia is to do intensive research. Where did this memorabilia come from? Who’s selling the item?

There are several reputable sports memorabilia dealers on the market with verified histories. Buyers can research these dealers to determine whether they have a trustworthy background.

You can also check a dealer’s online reviews to determine whether other customers find them reliable.

Compare Sports Collectibles with Authentic Pieces

Another way to avoid fake memorabilia is to possess an inside-out understanding of your desired merchandise. For example, let’s say you want to find the best basketball trading pins for your favorite team.

Research these pins online to understand every detail of their design. This knowledge can help you compare an authentic pin to a potential purchase.

As you look, decide if there are inaccuracies in the design. The same principle holds for verifying signatures.

Understanding what an authentic signature looks like can help you spot a fake one from miles away. There are also ways to tell if somebody used a device to forge an autograph.

For example, autopens often leave dots at the start and end of a signature. That’s because the pen rests on the object momentarily before its activation and after it finishes.

Find Authentic Memorabilia Today

Using these tips can help you find the best sports collectibles available. So, start your search today! Before long, you may have a valuable collectible to add to your collection.

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