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How to Sell Your Home in 3 Simple Steps

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Did you know that it only took an average of 21 days to sell a house in 2020? The demand for homes was so high that many buyers even paid over the asking price.

Are you considering selling your house? Are you unsure how the process works and where to begin?

The following guide will explain how to sell your home in 3 simple steps. Read on to learn how to get your house on the market and a “sold” sign in your yard.

1. Planning Before Listing

First, research the current market conditions. This will help you set a price for your home and give you a realistic selling timeline.

Make sure your asking price is comparable to other homes in your area. Factor in your property’s type of neighborhood and if it’s in a rural or urban location.

Set a plan and budget for additional costs you might incur while selling your home. Added expenses might include things like agent commissions, taxes, advertising, and reports like property inspections.

Selling a home that you’re attached to is often an emotional experience but you must set a fair price. Also, determine your negotiation numbers and how flexible you’re willing to be with that price.

Pricing a home too high often results in fewer offers and a longer stay on the market. Pricing a home too low may result in you losing profits or creating a negative image of your property.

Make any needed repairs before listing your home. Procrastinating or ignoring repairs might hold up the selling process or even break a deal.

2. Choose the Best Real Estate Agent

Make sure to speak with more than one real estate agent before making a decision. Consider their marketing style, online presence, and how they showcase homes.

In this day in age, proper marketing is how to sell your house for maximum profits. Choose professionals like Hatch Realty who have the skills and resources to set your home apart from the competition.

Your agent should offer strategies and tips for selling your house. A good agent is organized, experienced, and minimizes any unexpected problems.

Real estate agents can also suggest qualified home inspectors, attorneys, and other specialists. Sometimes it takes more than one professional to complete a sale and it’s important to have a good team.

3. Stage Your Home

Prioritize curb appeal to impress potential buyers the second they arrive. Be sure to keep your yard and landscaping well maintained. Remove any clutter from your yard that might distract buyers.

Consider painting railings and exterior doors. Power wash or paint the entire exterior of your home if needed. Clean your windows on both the inside and outside. Inspect your gutters and make sure they’re firmly connected.

You’ll need to clean or paint walls and ceilings inside, too. Remember to clean all flooring and fixtures like lights and ceiling fans.

Remove excessive wall hangings and furniture to reduce clutter. It’s important to remove personal items to let potential buyers see themselves living in the home.

Turn on lights and keep blinds and drapes open during daytime showings. Consider having a scented candle going and even light background music.

Ready To Sell Your Home?

Now you know how to sell your home using 3 simple steps. Set a goal, find the best agent in your area, and prep your home for showings. Remember these tips for selling your home to maximize your profit.

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