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How to Save a Life: 3 Medical Advancements 2022 Has to Offer

Even if we all know that medical advancements happen almost daily, it can be hard to keep track of all the new miracles that science comes up with. With the Covid-19 pandemic, most recent medical news focuses on that.

You may have missed out on news about new advancements in hospitals, medical technology, and medications that stand to change the lives of patients and doctors alike. Here are three of the most interesting advancements in medicine happening in 2022.

Sickle Cell Disease May Soon be a Thing of the Past

Sickle Cell Disease affects approximately 100,000 Americans and strikes most strongly in the Black community. While medical advances have helped to reduce deaths, there are still many complications.

The genetic illness makes the red blood cells in the body take on a different shape compared to people without the disease.

For decades, people with Sickle Cell Disease have faced a lifetime of medical struggles. But a recent medical advance may make those measures a thing of the past.

Using a custom-made virus, researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital managed to “shut off” the gene that causes the issue in several young patients. The results were staggering. All six patients are much healthier. One patient hasn’t needed a blood transfusion in 3 years.

Medical Advancements in Vaccines

One of the bright spots to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic is the development of new medical techniques and hospital technology. The pandemic has been bleak, but new medical technology has made a big difference.

Perhaps the biggest leap is in vaccine development. International cooperation brought together mRNA technology that didn’t get much attention before. The new technology means that researchers will be able to make vaccines for more viruses and potentially other diseases as well.

The new technology will make medical billing and coding a little more complicated, but it’s a small price to pay for a better chance at fighting disease. Find more info here about keeping on top of medical billing training.

New vaccines for a whole host of diseases could reduce deaths, and prevent future pandemics from running out of control.

Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease Early

For decades, researchers have worked against the clock to try and find new ways of detecting and treating Alzheimer’s Disease early. This terrible disease mostly strikes the elderly, with more than 6 million Americans living with it.

A new blood test, developed by Dr. Randall Bateman, can detect the disease early, without PET scans to find the plaques in the brain. The new advance can help millions get early treatment, and slow down the disease.

Medicine is More Personal

The recent hospital advancements and new technology in medicine make medical care more personal. The medical advances that come out every year bring us all closer to a longer, fuller life.

2022 will see many more developments in medicine and technology. Doctors will be able to save more patients, and more patients will get to experience a healthier, easier life thanks to new advances.

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