how to repair scratched hardwood floors

How to Repair Scratched Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors look so beautiful when you first lay them that it’s tempting to float around your home with the grace and care of a professional ballerina.

Unfortunately, few of us keep those pirouettes up for long. And inevitably, the time comes when that gorgeous floor suffers some damage.

But fear not: a repair can save the day! If you’ve discovered damage to your floor, read on. Here is our guide on how to repair scratched hardwood floors.

Inspect the Damage

Look closely at the scratch and check the surrounding area for other damage. Sometimes, if a scratch happens because you’ve moved furniture, you’ll find multiple minor scratch marks.

If you can, check whether the hardwood flooring has a protective coating. If you need to sand the floor to repair the scratch, some coatings can make that more difficult.

Clean the Wood

Before you begin treatment, you’ll need to ensure the wood is clear and clean. Dust, sweep the floor, and use a hardwood floor cleaner to clean the wood thoroughly.

Use a ph-neutral cleaner and avoid anything containing wax-based ingredients. Use a soft cloth to ensure you lift any dirt that has settled in the scratched wood.

Sand the Scratch

Use a fine paper sander to sand down the damaged area for minor scratches.

When sanding hardwood floors over a small area, it’s best to do this by hand. It will minimize any damage to the surrounding area. It will also help ensure you don’t sand too deep into the wood.

Only go as far as you need to remove the scratch. You could also try using a ball of steel wool rather than sandpaper. Move this in a circular motion over the top of minor scratches.

If your scratch is large or deep, you might need to hire specialists, such as AJ’s Hardwood Floors and More.

Use a Tinted Repair Marker

A marker is ideal for a hardwood floor spot repair. Once you’ve sanded down the scratch, it’s time to find a color blend for a repair marker to paint over the damaged hardwood.

It’s a good idea to test the color match first in a small area. Leave it to dry to ensure you have a perfect match.

Once you’ve found your match, it’s time to add the marker color to the flooring. Use a clean, soft cloth and apply some floor marker product. Gently apply this to the scratch.

Do this in stages to ensure you don’t add too much floor marker in one go. You can add a second coating if you can still spot the scratch after the floor dries.

For more significant scratches, you might find it better to use a wax stick rather than a wood marker. You melt the wax into the scratch, which fills it in. As with the marker, you’ll need to match the color first.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve completed your hardwood floor repair, take some time to clean and polish the entire floor. Use a wax polish at this stage. That will help you see how the finished effect works and whether you need further treatment on the scratch.

How to Repair Scratched Hardwood Floors

It might feel tempting to hide that troublesome scratch under a rug. But you don’t have to. Use this guide on how to repair scratched hardwood floors to get your flooring as good as new.

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