how to reduce kratom tolerance

How to Reduce Kratom Tolerance

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You’ve been working hard to keep up a Kratom dosage that meets your needs. However, it seems like your tolerance keeps increasing at an alarming rate.

Kratom tolerance develops as the use of the substance increases. As a psychoactive substance, some people can even get hooked on the substance.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with kratom is essential to avoid developing tolerance. Are you wondering how to reduce kratom tolerance? Find out how in our Kratom tolerance reduction guide.

How to Reduce Kratom Tolerance

To reduce Kratom tolerance, you should be careful how much you take each day. Kratom dosage guides recommend switching up the strains you use and limiting your intake.

However, the method of accomplishing this is more difficult if you take Kratom for pain relief. People who use Kratom to battle addiction may also struggle to decrease their dose.

It is far from impossible, though. The best advice for those using kratom for pain or addiction is to strictly follow dosing advice. You can maintain its effect on your body while bestowing its benefits.

Kratom Tolerance Reduction

These Kratom reduction tolerance tips will help you maintain a healthy relationship with the herb. You do not need to fear this plant but need to increase your knowledge.

It has a recorded use for 150 years for treating everything from fatigue to insomnia. But, just like any other herb or medication, you need to be aware of what you’re doing:

Don’t Take It Every Day

One of the best ways of reducing kratom tolerance is to change your schedule. Like many herbs and medications, your body can develop a resistance to it.

This causes people to up their dose to potentially dangerous levels. Slowly alter and decrease your dose to prevent negative symptoms.

Try a Different Strain

There are over 50 different strains of Kratom. Each of these strains impacts your body and mind in subtly different methods.

These strains include green, white, red, and yellow. Red, yellow, and green strains have more powerful yet balanced impacts. White strains are milder and more comforting.

Alter Your Method

You can increase your Kratom’s potency by taking it with other enhancing substances. Try taking your kratom pill with orange juice or citrus to help break down the compounds.

You can also take it with coffee or turmeric to enhance its mental stimulation. Adding cayenne pepper to your Kratom ritual can be highly potent and increase every aspect of the herb.

Last, you can try to buy Kratom extract and use this instead of a pill. Powdered kratom has natural fiber, which can help enhance its potency as your body digests it.

How to Reduce Kratom Tolerance Safely

This guide was meant to show you how to reduce kratom tolerance safely and naturally. If you feel like you are struggling with an addiction or anxiety, the best advice is to maintain healthy doses.

For those struggling with mild anxiety and depression, experts recommend a low dose of 5 grams. However, some dose guides go up to 12 grams for severe symptoms.

Make sure you follow the recommended servings. Kratom can benefit you greatly if you maintain a balanced and healthy relationship.

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