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How To Reactivate Amazon Suspended Account

Have you ever received a notification about an Amazon suspended account? Did you ever see a seller’s account is out of the blue? That’s a horrible nightmare for all the sellers. Every day many sellers face this suspension, and then they go for an Amazon suspension appeal. None of the sellers wants to ruin the reputation that sellers earned with hard work and dedication.

What Does Amazon Suspended Account Mean?

When the account of the Amazon seller gets suspended, it completely stops the productivity of the seller, and it means that they are not allowed to sell the additional products. In this case, Amazon notifies the seller over email about the suspension of the account. Once the seller gets a notification and is informed about the performance, later on, they can proceed with an amazon suspension appeal.

There is the various level of amazon suspended accounts:

  1. Account Suspended
  2. Account Deactivated
  3. Account Denial
  4. Account Ban

Reasons For Amazon Seller Account Suspension

  1. Your Decreased Seller Performance

The common reason to get a suspension. Amazon look at the sellers’ performances from time to time. It happens after analyzing the seller’s performance regarding the visibility of the products. Negative reviews are also part of it.

2.     Product Quality And Standards

Suppose a seller is not following the guidelines and does not indulge in user-friendly products. It’s essential to stay up with the policies—some local products such as alcohol, explosives, currency, coins, etc.

3.     Infringements And Policy Violations

Policies are one of the critical parts of any company. Copyrights and trademarks are vital to selling the products on Amazon. You are not allowed to use other products by the seller’s name. All the things come under Amazon’s rules, terms and policies. A seller needs to stay abreast of the policy.

4.    Multiple Accounts

As a seller, you are allowed to have more than one account. After amazon suspends an account, you can’t create a new seller account. A seller can make a new account after an amazon suspension appeal.

How To Recover Your Amazon Seller Central Account

After knowing the reason behind the suspension, a seller is good to go for an amazon suspension appeal for its account. A seller needs to remember that s/he needs t be patient and professional, and they need to look deeply at their suspension notice and understand its reason. The next step is to make a clear plan of action so that Amazon trusts you about the policies.

  • Visit seller central and click on performance notifications from the performance dropdown menu.
  • Open the suspension notice and click on Appeal.
  • Share your Plan of Action and provide essential information to the concerned team. Don’t forget to share contact no.
  • Click on submit.

Final Thoughts

After getting to know about the amazon suspended account and amazon suspension appeal, a seller is ready to deal with it effectively. A seller needs to be professional and never accusatory while submitting the requests. They need to monitor account health and analyze the business reports constantly. Amazon takes time to respond, about 48 hours to even 1-2 months in some cases. So a seller needs to be optimistic and maintain patience.

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