How To Properly Fit And Install New Rims To Your Car

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Finding and installing aftermarket and used Mercedes rims to your car will give your ride a fresh and unique look that helps it stand out among the rest. The specifics of searching for rims that fit and the steps involved in installing them can differ depending on the make and model of the car as well as the type of rims, there are some basics worth learning.

Here are a few easy to follow tips and step all about fitting and installing used Mercedes rims to your car the right way:

Tip 1: Check Out The Bolt Pattern

The easiest way to determine whether the aftermarket rims will fit well with your Mercedes is to have a good look at the bolt pattern of your current rims and the replacement rims. To do this, simply count how many lug nuts are present and then measure the space or distance found between two of the opposing lug nuts using a measuring tape. Having such information will help you find replacement rims that are the perfect fit.

Tip 2: Measure The Wheel Stock Dimension

Another important part of the wheel to measure is the stock dimension. Both the diameter and the width of the wheel should be measured for accuracy. All replacement wheels and rims that have the same measurements should fit without any trouble.

Tip 3: Proper Installation

Even when the replacement rims are the perfect fit for your Mercedes, the final results aren’t a 100{513a3ea69a8cae3f840e741769adf77c903b3c1df0ea138a612732eb2180f483} guarantee. Being extra careful and attentive during the installation process will ensure that the rims fit and won’t pose as a problem any time soon. These are some basic rim installation steps to use as a guide:

1 – Preparing The Car

First and foremost, place the car on a jack to allow easy access to all wheels. Next, release the air from the wheels to make removal of the old rims easier and installation of new ones faster.

2 – Out With The Old

Using a socket wrench of the right size, remove all the bolts that are holding the wheels and rims together. Make sure to store the bolts because they will be used for the new rims. Once all the bolts have been removed, use the tire lever to detach the wheel from the rims, taking extra care not to puncture the tube.

3 – Attaching The New Rims

Clean the inside tube with a rag before attaching the new rims. Follow the instructions provided with the rims closely. There are some instances where the old bolts can no longer be used, make sure you have new ones that fit.

4 – Reinflating

Once all rims have been secured and tightened into place, reinflate all of the wheels according to the car’s specifications.

5 – Checking

Test that the new rims and wheels are properly aligned before driving off into the open road.

In cases where you aren’t equipped or experienced enough to install the rims, bring your Mercedes to a shop and let the experts install your new rims for you.

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