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How To Preserve a Bottle of Sparkling Wine

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Most people have at least some passing familiarity with how to drink wine. Most likely, your tips and tricks involve letting the chilled juice breathe. Then, you patiently wait to sip it.

But what if sparkling wine is the subject of your imbibing? What then? Don’t sweat it. We got you.

We’ll explain how to preserve a bottle of sparkling wine below. Keep reading to learn how to best store your sparkling options!

Identify Good Quality Corks for Proper Sealing

Corks should be made from real cork, not plastic. It should be soaked in hot water to increase its malleability. Also, use a floor corker to ensure a solid seal. This tool presses a cork into the bottle at the proper depth.

After you have corked and sealed the bottle, use a flexible wire hood to complete the closure. Then, keep the cork securely within the neck of the bottle.

Lastly, store the bottle upright in a closet or pantry to preserve the taste and aroma of the sparkling wine.

Know the Optimal Temperature Range

For the carbonation to last, store the sparkling wine between 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit. The carbonation will decrease quickly if it is stored at a lower temperature. Or, if stored at a too high temperature, this can also negatively affect the sparkling wine’s flavor.

To ensure the best flavor, store the wine horizontally at the ideal range. This will prevent the cork from drying out, which can cause the wine to lose its flavor. Additionally, limit the amount of light and movement.

Consider the Age of the Bottle Before Opening

Older bottles will often have more time to develop more complex flavors and aromas that younger bottles will lack.

Before opening, be sure to check if any deposits have accumulated on the bottom of the bottle, indicating age and degradation. These bottles should not be opened in order to maintain their flavor, aroma, and structure.

Older bottles may benefit from decanting to remove sediment that has accumulated. Although, this is not always necessary.

Alternate Preservation Strategies to Extend the Life of the Bottle

To further extend the life of the bottle, adding a sulfite may be helpful. Wine stored in an anaerobic environment like a vacuum can also last for more than a few days.

For champagnes, use a quality champagne preserver to displace oxygen from the empty space in a bottle. It is a great way to extend its shelf life. The preserver separates and keeps air away from the wine, preventing it from spoiling.

Properly Storing Your Bottle of Sparkling Wine

The key to preserving a bottle of sparkling wine is to store it in a cool and dark place. Keep it upright and away from excessive vibration, and re-cork it when not in use to keep freshness.

Taking the proper steps to preserve it will ensure that you can enjoy it at its best. Try it yourself today and explore all its delightful flavors.

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