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How to Prep Your Home Heating System for the Winter

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After a long summer, it’s also too easy to put your furnace on the back burner. But fall is here, and it’s time to start paying attention to your furnace to avoid the common problems that can occur when you don’t do your maintenance checks.

Before winter hits full force, it’s essential to take the time to prepare your home heating system. The trick is starting your preparations early and knowing what to focus on.

Keep reading this guide to learn everything you need to prepare your home heating system for the winter months!

Test Your Thermostat

The last thing you want to do is wait until it’s below-freezing outside to find out your thermostat isn’t working right. Before it gets too cold, turn your thermostat up to ensure the furnace will turn on. Also, leave your heat on to ensure it warms your home to the set temperature.

If you notice no warm air coming out of the heat register, you’ll need to call a professional HVAC company to take a look.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

A carbon monoxide detector is essential to keeping you safe when using your heater during the winter.

First, replace the batteries, so you know they’ll last for the winter. Next, push the test button on the device. The device should beep, indicating it’s working correctly.

Change Your Air Filters

Air filters protect your HVAC system from dust, dirt, and debris. Excess dirt and debris put more strain on your HVAC system, causing it not to function as well.

You should change your air filters at least every three months during the year. However, it’s easy to forget this during the summer months. During winter, you’ll be using your heating system often. Therefore, your filters will fill up much faster.

Be sure to change your filter as soon as it gets cold, and check it every two months during winter.

Check Your Vents

It’s vital to ensure no large objects or furniture are blocking your vents or registers. If your vents are blocked, it can cause your furnace to overheat and eventually not turn on at all.

If you have a boiler system, remove objects on top of the radiator to prevent them from burning.

Schedule Heating System Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure you have reliable and efficient heating all winter. Before it gets too cold, make an appointment with a reliable HVAC company in your area.

A professional technician will perform HVAC services like:

  • Inspect the heating equipment for dirt and debris
  • Replace any worn-out parts
  • Clean the unit thoroughly
  • Inspect ductwork and humidifiers
  • Ensure furnace parts are lubricated
  • Ensure gas lines are leak free and secure
  • Check to make sure the burner is rust-free and clean

Getting home heating system maintenance before winter will take care of minor problems before they become expensive problems.

If you have a propane-powered home, you’ll need to check your propane supply and schedule gas delivery. You’ll also need to schedule annual service to ensure your system works properly.

Preparing Your Home Heating System for Winter

Knowing how to prepare your home heating system will save you a lot of time and money this winter.

The best time to schedule a furnace inspection is the end of summer or early fall, so be sure to start your winter preparations as soon as possible.

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