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How to Perfect Your Golf Swing

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Quick, think about the most popular games worldwide. Perhaps soccer and football come to mind. But more than 66 million people play golf all over the world, which is up by 5.5 million players since 2016.

Yet very few people play golf for long. Many people struggle to develop their golf swing and wind up leaving the game. If you want to master how to golf, you need to create a better golf swing.

What should you do before you swing your club? How should you grip your club and move your body as you swing? How can you putt and execute short shots properly?

Answer these questions and you can figure out how to be a better golfer today. Here is your quick guide.

Pick a Target

Giving yourself a target lets you angle your shot and figure out the right amount of power. The most obvious target to select is the hole, but you may not be able to reach it with your shot.

Try to look for a target that will give you a good chance to get in the hole. This may be a spot directly in front of the hole or beside it.

Look at the area you plan on targeting and study it. It should be flat terrain that is well-lit and far away from obstacles. While you are swinging, you can take a quick glance at your target, but try to keep your eyes on your club as you are performing the swing.

Relax Your Hands

You should grip your club so it does not slide or fall out as you are swinging it. But being too tight with your hands can make it hard for you to get the angle you want. You also risk straining or bruising a finger.

For a perfect golf swing, you should grip the club lightly. Relax your arms without slouching your shoulders.

Pick up your club in your non-dominant hand, then turn your hand over so you can see two knuckles on it. Make a V with your index finger and thumb and grip the club with your thumb pointing down the shaft.

With your other hand, grip the club so your thumb lies over the thumb on your non-dominant hand. The rest of your hand should wrap around the club.

You only need enough force to keep your club in place. If you feel like you are straining your hands, you should slacken your wrists and arms.

If these steps are a struggle for you, you can add a grip trainer to your club. Make sure the trainer is not too slippery, as you do not want your hands to slide on your club.

Plant Your Feet

Many amateurs slide on the ground as they swing. The momentum of your swing may cause your body to twist, but your feet should not slip on the ground in any direction.

As you are lining up your club for your shot, shift your hips and adjust your shoulders so you have an even center of balance. As you bring the club backward, take note of how your body is shifting.

If you notice your feet moving, you may need to spread your feet apart a little so you are not slipping. You can also adjust where your right knee is, straightening it a little to plant your body on the ground.

If you’re having trouble standing on a golf course, try using a business golf simulator. You can spend time practicing how to stand with a golf club before heading onto a course.

Slow Down

Many people rush to complete their swings. They may think this gives them more power, or they may not want to take too much time. In reality, rushing your swing can throw your angle off and prevent you from swinging the club cleanly.

Try to develop speed as you swing the club. As you go into the backswing, move the club slowly and make sure it is aligned with your ball. Before you start your forward swing, look at your club and your ball to see if everything is ready for the forward swing.

You should swing your club forward at a fast pace. Keep moving after you connect with your ball, as stopping can cause you to fall down or strain a muscle.

Stay Still When Putting

You need to move your body while you are hitting your ball a long distance. But when you are putting, you want to keep your body as still as possible. Twisting your arms, legs, or torso as you swing can affect the angle of your club and add too much momentum to the putt.

Your shoulders move your putter, and your arms and legs move along with it. Do not push your arms forward or bend your knees as you putt. As you are putting, pay attention to your shoulders and remind yourself to use them instead of your knees.

If you’re not sure of the angle of your putt, you can draw a line on your ball. Point the line toward your hole and see where you need to stand and how you need to hold your putter. If you need to adjust your angle, reset entirely instead of twisting your body, as you risk throwing your center of balance off.

Create a Good Golf Swing

Before you start your golf swing, you need to give yourself a target. Relax your arms and hands while applying enough force to keep your club in place. Plant both feet and check your balance as you bring your club back.

Take your time when bringing your club back. Pause before you bring it forward, then execute your swing. When you are putting, lock your knees and keep your feet planted so you’re not sliding around.

These tips are essential for your swing, but you need additional details. Read more guides to golf swings by following our coverage.

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