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How to Make the Most of Your Backyard Patio This Summer

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Today, porches and patios are the most popular outdoor living designs. In fact, 48% of single-family homes have both, and 9% have patios.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have a backyard patio, you might not be getting the most use out of it. But this summer, you can change that.

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your outdoor space!

Get a Good Grill

You’ll probably want to serve up some burgers and other grilled meats and veggies when you invite people over. So not only should you designate a spot for your outdoor BBQ, but you should also invest in one that’ll accommodate your needs perfectly.

A fantastic BBQ set will allow you to comfortably grill when entertaining guests. And all your buddies will be jealous of what you’re working with!

Buy Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

Standing around eating and drinking all night can be awkward and uncomfortable. And a couple of folding chairs just won’t do.

Go shopping for some patio furniture that’ll withstand outdoor weather. That way, you won’t have to haul the pieces in and out; just bring in the cushions, and you’re good!

Get a nice selection of furniture, such as wicker chairs, outdoor daybed or sofa, and even a hammock! Browse Welcome Home Outdoors to see what’s available.

Put a Fire Pit In

Who doesn’t love a bonfire? While it’s not quite the same thing, a fire pit is an excellent addition to any backyard patio.

Not only does it give additional lighting at night, but it also warms everyone up. You can also make some s’mores when you gather around.

Just imagine you, your friends, and your loved ones sitting by the fire pit on comfy chairs, under blankets, looking up at the beautiful night sky. It’ll be dreamy!

Put in Privacy Features Too

If you’ve got nosey neighbors, then they can be a buzzkill. Make it tougher for them to spy on you by putting in privacy features.

One choice is to put in higher fences. Curtains and privacy screens are good too. But if you want to take a more natural route, you can get green hedges, trellises, and/or large planters instead.

Plant Seasonable Greenery

It’s all too easy for a backyard patio to feel unnatural. But you can easily counter that by planting seasonable greenery. Whether it’s flowers or vines, it’ll give your outdoor space a nice touch.

Added side benefits of your greenery include additional privacy and sound buffering!

Have Fun on Your Backyard Patio

Your backyard patio has great potential, so make the most out of what you’ve got! By purchasing a solid grill, outdoor furniture, and fire pit, you’ll have plenty to entertain with. And the other tips in this article will help you enjoy your outdoor space without with the most privacy and comfort possiblse.

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