How To Make The Best Christmas Cards For Your Business

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After another unconventional year in uncertain times, it’s nice to be able to return to some sense of tradition during the holidays. If you’re a business owner or business leader, it’s likely that you understand that your customers have had a difficult year, too. To focus on the positive and let your customers know your business cares, it’s important to send out Christmas and holiday cards this year that wink at tradition and give a nod to better times ahead. For a few things to consider when ordering and designing your business holiday cards this year, read on.

Ordering from the Pros

The easiest way to buy cards to impress and inspire your customers is to order business Christmas cards through online printing services like Mines Press. Online printing services like Mines Press offer quality custom folders, postcard printing, custom business cards, envelopes, and more. Ordering from a quality printer means your colors will be bold, message clear, and that you’ll have your cards in plenty of time to send them out to customers.

The holiday cards you send out will reflect your business in more ways than one. When working with a professional press, think about ways you can make your cards stand out from the competition. This might mean including a discount code, coupon, free gift, event information, or another incentive as a thank you to your customers during this challenging year.

Considering Design

When designing your cards, it’s a good idea to use a template provided by the printing press. Built by professional designers and those with printing experience, these templates are designed to leave a great impression. While it’s okay to think outside the box and come up with something entirely custom, using a base template to create your card, postcard, and other holiday materials is a great way to save money while being confident about your final product.

If you aren’t sure where to begin with in terms of the design, consider hiring a photographer to take pictures of yourself, your staff, or your place of business. A photographer will have great ideas about ways to make your business shine. From props to the ability to capture your brand, professional photographers will also be able to give you quality, high-resolution images that will make your card stand out above the rest.

When picking a design, a great way to begin is to decide how you want your customers to feel after reading the card. Humor, warmth, cheer, and hope are all great places to start. Be sure to express this goal to your designer or photographer.

Branding Your Cards

When designing your cards, regardless of what your overall sentiment is, it’s important that you stick to your business brand. Be sure to include your logo, contact information, and any taglines or slogans your business normally uses. A unique opportunity to combine marketing with a sweet sentiment, you’ll want to take advantage of this chance to show off your brand.

If you’re confident about how to design your own holiday cards, there are software options and even free design programs and apps out there that can help make the design process easier. With templates for every industry and niche, using these programs can make the design process fun.

In the end, sending out a card that leaves a customer feeling like your business cares is a great way to not only spread holiday cheer but to stand out from the competition. In using a professional printing press, consulting with experienced designers, sticking to design templates, and marking your card with your brand, you’ll be doing yourself and your company a favor. Happy holidays to you and your staff. May the New Year bring great business!

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