How to Make THC Powder and Why You Should: A Guide

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What’s the best way to consume cannabis?

Some people prefer smoking or vaping, while others like edibles. One of the many benefits of the latter is variety. There are cannabis candies, chocolates, beverages, and so on.

However, edibles aren’t without risks. For example, there’s always the danger of accidental consumption. Children and pets might eat them since it’s easy to think of these products as their usual treats.

Now, if you’re looking for an alternative to edibles, you may have heard of THC powder. Here, we’ll talk about how to make THC powder and why it’s better than edibles.

But First, What Is THC Powder?

As its name implies, THC powder is tetrahydrocannabinol in powder form. Since it is readily soluble in water, it has certain benefits over pure THC. For one thing, you can add it to any food or beverage because, unlike edibles, it doesn’t have an aftertaste.

It also has a higher bioavailability than THC-infused oils. The process used to make powdered THC is called nanoencapsulation. It’s not a revolutionary method, considering the pharmaceutical industry has used it for decades.

Nanoencapsulation means breaking down the active ingredient into microscopic droplets and coating it with an emulsifier. Once powdered THC is ingested, it will enter the bloodstream, shedding off its coating. THC will then be delivered to cells throughout the body.

How to Make THC Powder

If you think nanoencapsulation is too complicated, you have nothing to worry about. It’s easy to make THC powder. First, prepare your ingredients.

You’ll need about 5 grams of cannabis, a mason jar, coconut oil, a teaspoon of sunflower lecithin, some cheesecloth, a cup of tapioca maltodextrin, and a sieve. Pour your cannabis into a mason jar, then decarboxylate it by putting it in an oven for 40 minutes (240 degrees). After decarboxylation, add just enough coconut oil to cover the cannabis, plus sunflower lecithin.

Simmer the jar in hot water for two hours, then strain the THC-infused oil using a cheesecloth. Add tapioca maltodextrin, mixing the two evenly. The last step is double-filtering the mixture using a sieve.

Some Benefits of THC Powder

While there are many forms of edibles, they’re not quite as versatile as THC powder. Sure, you can buy THC or CBD beverages, but you can customize your THC drink with powdered THC.

You can also use THC powder sublingually. That means under the tongue. With this method, you’ll feel the effects much faster, but the downside is you might find the gritty texture of the powder uncomfortable.

Other than adding powdered THC to drinks, you can also use it in cooking. From desserts to sauces to baked goods and more, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Remember that dosages are crucial, so always make it a point to measure the THC powder before cooking with it.

Besides versatility, THC powder is less expensive, more so if you make it yourself. Since it’s twice as potent, you don’t need to use much, and it also has a longer shelf life than edibles.

Ready to Make Powdered THC?

Now that you know how to make THC powder, are you planning to make it soon?

If yes, that’s great. Don’t forget to be precise when measuring your ingredients.

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