how to make money from real estate

How to Make Money From Real Estate: An Investment Guide for Beginners

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There’s a reason why real estate investing has made about 90% of the world’s millionaires, and that’s because it works.

However, there are many ways in which you can invest in real estate, all of which come with pros and cons. To help you make an informed decision, we’re going to look at top real estate investing tips on how to make money from real estate.

Invest in Residential Rentals

If you are looking to get started in real estate, one option is to purchase a property and rent it out. This is how many people start making money from real estate. It’s generally more affordable than purchasing a commercial property and can be quite profitable if done correctly.

Since this method requires the least amount of money to do- buying residential properties- it’s often considered an entry-level strategy for new investors. It’s also one of the best ways to make passive income and grow your real estate portfolio.

Flip Properties

Flipping properties involves buying and then reselling run-down properties quickly for a profit. It’s been a popular way to make money in real estate for many years now and is potentially one of the best real estate investing strategies. It’s simple as you only need to buy low and sell high.

And as long as you can find relatively cheap properties and have good potential for appreciation, then the upside is enormous. There are many investors who have made fortunes this way. Of course, you need to understand how to invest in real estate for this to work, and you need a keen eye for telling which properties have the most potential.

Wholesale Properties

Investing in real estate investing for beginners involves looking for cheaper options, and wholesaling is one of them. This is another strategy that relies on buying low and selling high. The difference is that, in this case, you’re not actually going to take possession of the property.

Instead, you’ll find a buyer who is looking for a good deal and then mark it up so that you make a good profit. This is an excellent way to get into the real estate market without having to come up with a lot of cash yourself.

Invest in REITs

If you want to know how to make money in real estate without buying property, investing in REITs is your best bet. You may not want to be directly involved in the buying and selling of properties. You may want to spread your risk around and make money from a rather stable market, so invest in real estate investment trusts.

These are companies that purchase and manage commercial and residential properties. And because they are traded on public exchanges, they offer liquidity that individual property investments often don’t. This is by far one of the best real estate investing tips on this list.

Invest in Tax Liens

Tax liens are a little-known investment opportunity that can provide big profits. Essentially, when a property owner doesn’t pay their taxes, the government puts a lien on the property. This lien is an IOU from the government and entitles them to seize the property if the taxes aren’t paid.

However, many people who own these properties are happy to sell the lien at a discount to someone who is willing to take on the hassle of collecting the money. To make money in real estate using this strategy, you need to understand real estate law.

Invest in Commercial Rentals

Commercial rentals are a different beast when it comes to making money. The fact is, many businesses can’t afford to purchase their own office or retail space. So, they have to rent from someone else.

It means that there is always demand for good commercial rental properties. Since businesses are more likely to sign longer leases, your monthly revenue is more stable. It makes commercial investing one of the best real estate investment strategies.

How to Make Money From Real Estate

If you’re looking to understand how to make money from real estate, go through our tips above. These are different real estate investing strategies, but when done well, all of them will make you money.

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