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How to Make a Water Bong?

A water bong or a smoking pot can be a really exciting thing to have your hands on, but purchasing a good water bong may be expensive many times. If you are a newbie, then it is always better to make your own water bong at home and enjoy the experience. If you have the right tools then just with some basic supplies a good water bong can be made. Let us see how to make a water bong at your home.

How to Make a Water Bong?

       Take a good empty plastic bottle of medium size without a cap or if it has a cap then remove it. Fill one-fourth of the bottle with clean water. For a newbie, medium size bottle is enough but if you are looking for the high hit then you can pick big bottles.

       Mark a point just below the neck of the bottle where you have to make a hole big enough to allow the free flow of air and later you can inhale the smoke through it. The hole you make should be covered with your finger, so be sure with the size of the hole.

       Make a second hole just above the water level of the same size as made above. This hole should be made slant at an angle as it will be used to attach the tube or downstem. The hole is made at an angle because the other end of the tube attached through this hole should submerge in the water.

       If you have a downstem then fine or else you can create that also using hollow case of a highlighter. Once the inside of highlighter is taken out, take an aluminum foil and wrap it on the wider end of the highlighter. Press the wrapped aluminum foil from the center in such way to make it appear like a bowl and then make holes using pins just to allow the flow of smoke through it.

       Now pack the carb or the hole that you made at the top of the bottle with your finger. Now, place your mouth on the mouthpiece fixed below and light the bowl with a lighter. Wait till the bottle is full of smoke and then you can inhale the smoke slowly and enjoy your bong.

The pack of the bottle should be removed then only you will be able to inhale the smoke, but you can put the cover once the bottle is full of smoke to trap it.

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