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How to Maintain a Healthy Lawn In the Summer

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Did you know that 80% of Americans has lawn?

An attractive lawn is not only an indication of the care and attention that you pay your yard but can also increase your home’s value. The only problem is that many people don’t know how to maintain a healthy lawn, especially during the summer.

Read below to learn how to maintain a healthy lawn in the summer.

Soil Health and pH Balance

Soil health and pH balance are important considerations. Regular aeration should be performed to introduce essential nutrients. Regular lawn fertilization should also be applied to keep the pH balance in the soil within the neutral range.

Maintaining healthy soil and pH balance is the key to having a healthy, vibrant lawn during the summer months. Mulching can help keep soil healthy throughout the summer. Keeping the soil at the correct pH balance is essential as it affects the availability of nutrients for plants.

Water Smart

Water-smart lawn maintenance is essential to keeping a healthy lawn. Watering your lawn early in the morning when temperatures are cooler helps protect the grass from potential disease. Avoiding watering in the middle of the day when temperatures are hottest allows you to use less water.

Keep your grass at least two inches in length throughout the summer. Established at least a three-inch layering of mulch to help protect the grass from drying out quickly. Doing both will result in lower water consumption and a healthier, greener lawn.

Alleviate the Sun’s Strain

Maintaining a healthy lawn in the summertime alleviates the sun’s strain. Keeping your grass healthy and vibrant is best done with a nitrogen fertilizer. Once a week, fertilize your grass during the summer months.

Mowing lawns will help to remove dead grass and support the growth of a stronger, healthier lawn. Seeding your lawn with grass specifically suited for your climate will help to improve your lawn’s color, texture, and resilience against wear. By taking these steps, you can help to alleviate the sun’s strain and create a healthy lawn.

Deal With Lawn Pests

To keep pests at bay, regularly mow your lawn during the summer months at the correct height to encourage grass growth while discouraging pests. Use natural methods to ward off pests, such as beneficial insects and traps, rather than chemical treatments.

You can also use insecticides like biofungicide to target the most troublesome pests. Proper maintenance and pest management allow you to keep your lawn healthy and lush through even the hottest summer months.

Weed Management Options

Identify the type of weeds present in the lawn. This can be done through a weed identification guide. A proper weed management plan should be implemented to maintain a healthy lawn in the summer.

Once identified, the weeds can be controlled with various options, including manual removal, chemical treatments, or smothering. Manual removal calls for pulling each weed by the roots, either by hand or with tools. Chemical treatments can help target specific weeds, depending on the product chosen.

Having a Healthy Lawn

Maintaining a lush and healthy lawn in the summer requires conscientious effort. You can keep a healthy lawn with minimal effort by implementing the steps outlined here. Get started now, and your lawn will stay green and healthy throughout the summer.

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