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How to Lactate More: 4 Ways To Increase Breast Milk Production

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Are you hoping for ways on how to lactate more?

If you’re a mother of a newborn, it’s important that you produce enough breast milk for your child. This is especially crucial for newborns because breast milk is rich in many nutrients that they need.

Luckily, it’s possible to increase your amount of breast milk production. These tips can help you increase your production and you can even share them with other mothers who need some.

Want to know more? Here are 4 ways to increase breast milk production.

1. Consider Booking a Consultant

If you’re looking for ways on how to lactate more, consider booking a virtual Lactation Consultant. A lactation consultant can help you with everything from finding the right position for breastfeeding to increasing your milk supply.

2. Herbs That Increase Breast Milk Production

One way is to try different herbs that are known to help with this. Fenugreek, blessed thistle, and alfalfa are some herbs that can be used to help increase breast milk production.

You can take them in pill form or even add them to your food. Another way to increase your milk production is to make sure that you are nursing often.

3. Up Your Fluid Intake

Drinking plenty of fluids is critical to increasing milk supply. Here are a few drinks that you could consume that would be beneficial for both you, and your baby.

Make sure to drink eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Staying hydrated will help your body to produce more milk.

Next, is lactation smoothies. There are many recipes online for lactation smoothies that contain ingredients that are known to help with milk production.

If you’re looking to keep it simple and want to drink something other than water, then you could try almond milk. Not only will it allow you to produce more breast milk, but your baby might also like the taste.

4. Assess Your Diet

You don’t need to follow a rigid diet because there are no foods you must avoid.

But if you are looking to have a higher breast milk production, you might want to consider changing it a bit. Knowing this, here are a few dietary tips to try.

Make sure you’re getting enough calories. Breastfeeding can be hungry work, so be sure to eat whenever you’re feeling hungry.

Also try to eat lots of protein-rich foods. Breast milk is made up of around 20% protein, so it’s important to include plenty of protein-rich foods in your diet.

You could also try foods that promote lactation, such as oats, dark leafy greens, and sweet potatoes.

Must Know How to Lactate More

If you want to learn how to lactate more, consider trying some of these techniques. Nursing more often, using a breast pump, taking galactagogues, and avoiding pacifiers and bottles.

If you follow this guide, you’ll be able to provide your baby with breastmilk that contain the nutrients they need.

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