How to Know the Difference between Engine Air Filters and Cabin Filters

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Nowadays we do not need to complain about car odors too often. The latest systems in the modern cars have eliminated these issues and handled these sorts of perennial problems quite well. They all now use different types of filters to keep the cabin environment fresh fending the contaminants away of the core systems as well as in the close-door cabin. Precisely, these filters are used for the parts that need to keep flowing, like the air and the fluid. But I am pretty sure not all of us are aware about the fact that there ae actually two kinds of air filters present in our car.They are engine air filters and cabin air filter, both playing equally important role in keeping things in place.

Engine Air Filters

It was when we went to change the filter to our nearest Concord Chevrolet service center that we came to know about these air filters. Fortunately we met a very friendly mechanic who didn’t shrug off the trouble to show us, what they are and how do they look. We came to know from him, that these filters can come in many shapes, like round, panel-shaped, or conical depending upon the model of the vehicle you have. They will always be located under the hood, usually near the front side of the engine, covered by a housing. There is also an opening for housing to be opened  for the engine and suck up the large volumes of air keeping away all possible debris and dust particles from entering the engine. So this is the engine air filter.

As car engines usually work in tight clearances and athigh speeds, under high temperature, even a small particle of dirt will have the chance to wear down few of its major components causing catastrophic damages to the engine. Here comes the role of the filter that is made to keep the engine clean. But in the process the air filters themselves get clogged up and need to be either cleaned in regular intervals or changed. However, in a clogged state the engine air filter will not be effective enough to protect the engine and can reduce the overall performance, while increasing the ratio of emissions and fuel consumption.

Cabin Air Filters

As shown by the mechanic at the Concord Chevrolet dealership, the cabin air filters come as panel-shaped and are placed rightunder the dash in their own dedicated casesand are found mostly on the side of the passenger. These air filters have no role in protecting the engine. Instead they are made toprotect the car occupants, from the dust and debris in the air that the car breathes in. These filters are placed between the external elements of the engine compartment and the passenger cabin. Apart from the external air polluting elements  they are also the best treatment for catching mold spores, fumes from the engine exhaust and different kinds of allergens. This filter does playa vital role in keeping the interior cabin fresh. A clogged cabin air filter will decrease the quality of ride as it will failto change the inside atmosphere, and you might start getting back those musty smells, have sneezy rides and a literally uncomfortable ride.

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