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How to Keep Your iPad Protected: 7 Quick Tips

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Believe it or not, Apple has sold more than 425 million iPads since 2010.

That’s obviously a ton of mobile devices that are capable of providing an endless amount of opportunities for fun and productivity.

But iPads can be easily damaged when dropped. Thus all these iPad owners face the potential for expensive repair costs when they damage their pricy mobile devices. Fortunately, this guide to iPad protection can help keep your new iPad looking new for many years.

Here we take a look at tips that will help protect your iPad no matter where you take it or how long you own it. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Buy a Quality iPad Case

Let’s start by talking about the importance of investing in a quality case for your iPad. Keep in mind that you can spend as little or as much as you want on a new iPad case, but a good case will make all the difference.

The best strategy is to look for a case that offers a high degree of protection from just about any type of potential damage.

For example, it’s a good idea to buy an iPad case that has a flap that closes over the screen. This will provide an extra layer of protection even if you apply a screen protector over the glass. Closable cases are especially ideal for travelers who tend to frequently drop their devices on the ground.

Another feature to look for when buying a new case to protect your iPad is a rubber liner that will help reduce the amount of shock when the device is dropped.

Here’s a tremendous resource where you can shop now for cool iPad cases to protect your mobile device.

2. Use Screen Protectors

Speaking of screen protectors, this is a basic layer of protection that is also incredibly affordable.

A screen protector is a simple product that adheres to your iPad screen to prevent the glass from being scratched. This ranks among the most popular iPad accessories due to price, effectiveness, and ease of installation.

Best of all, you’ll totally forget that you have a screen protector on your iPad screen. That’s because a screen protector is totally translucent and behaves exactly like the actual glass screen of your device. Plus, it can be cleaned just as you would the normal screen, and screen protectors are inexpensive enough to be replaced frequently as they become dirty, lost, or damaged.

When you’re ready to replace an old screen protector, simply peel it off and install the new one. This process literally takes less than a minute.

3. Keep Your iPad Away From Liquids

It should come as no big surprise to most people that liquids and electronics don’t mix. In fact, liquid spills are one of the biggest reasons that laptop computers and other types of mobile devices get damaged or destroyed.

This includes iPads. And while Apple products have been more durable with each generation, that’s no reason to risk ruining such an expensive device.

If you’re like most people, you probably tend to use your iPad at the dinner table, at coffee shops, and in other locations where drinks and other liquids are present. When you find yourself in these situations, the best strategy for keeping your mobile device safe from harm is simply to be aware of potential liquid spills and keep your drinking glass at least an arm’s length away.

4. Keep It Out of Reach of Smaller Children

The simple truth is that small children love mobile devices. After all, iPads and other types of popular electronics are a great form of entertainment. They can play games, watch their favorite movies, and stay happily occupied for hours on end. This is a big reason why iPads are so popular with busy parents.

But children also have sticky fingers and are prone to liquid spills. Thus your mobile device is constantly in danger of being damaged.

The best strategy for keeping your pricy iPad safe and sound with little ones in the house is to make sure those little hands are washed before they grab the device. It’s also important to ensure that they understand the rules, including the need to ensure that all drinks, including water, juice, and milk are out of reach until the iPad is out of the way of potential spills.

5. Buy Insurance

Accidents are going to happen. That’s a simple reality of life. So it’s best to be prepared when you drop your iPad or drop it in the bathtub.

Keep in mind that purchasing insurance coverage for an iPad is a minor expense that could help make a frustrating experience a little less stressful.

6. Keep It Clean

It’s also important to practice basic maintenance. This includes keeping your new iPad as clean as possible. There are plenty of iPad accessories you can buy that are designed specially to clean an iPad screen and the back of the device.

The key is to focus on removing fingerprints, dirt, dust, and any type of sticky substance that might impact the device’s physical condition.

7. Get Creative With Your Password

Next, think about how to protect your iPad from people who might want to steal your personal information. The best strategy is to always download software updates and create a secure password that will make it much more difficult to hack into.

A Guide to Effective iPad Protection

It’s no secret that mobile devices are an amazing form of technology enjoyed by billions of people around the world. They are also expensive. That’s why investing in iPad protection is such a smart move for every tablet owner.

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