how to hang a heavy mirror

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

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Looking to put a little swagger in your home? One way to pull the look together is by putting up a mirror to make an area feel larger and more open.

Sounds easy, right? Well, not quite. Keep reading to see the best tips on how to hang a heavy mirror.

Let’s begin!

Tools and Equipment Needed

Hanging a heavy mirror requires the right tools and equipment. To begin, you’ll need:

Determine the size and weight of a mirror, and use the stud finder to locate effective mounting points in the wall. With the level, draw a straight line to mark the studs and pre-drill the holes. Position the mirror using the pre-drilled holes as a guide and use the appropriate hardware to secure it in place.

You also may require a second pair of hands to secure the mirror while mounting it or to help move the mirror from one location to another. After the mirror is securely mounted, step back and make sure the mirror is level and secure.

Measuring the Proper Height

If you want to hang these mirrors properly, it is important to measure the correct height. Begin by measuring the distance between the floor and the desired location of the mirror hardware. Use a standard pencil or a chalk line to measure the distance and make a mark on the wall.

After finding the wall studs, place the mirror mount screws onto the wall and mark the mounting positions with a pencil. To reduce sagging over time, the screws should be two-thirds of the way up the mount, so it’s best to use a level should ensure proper placement.

To make sure the mirror is level, it is important to use a tape measure and mark the vertical center of the mirror location. Once you’ve established the level lines, mounts, and measurements, the heavy mirror is ready to be hung.

Attaching the Wall Mounts

Attach the wall mounts to hang a heavy mirror by first selecting the spots to mount the hooks. A heavy mirror should be securely hung on the wall, so make sure to choose a stud location for the best support. Use a stud finder to locate an area where the wall joists are located.

For additional support, utilize anchor kits. Once you’ve selected the studs and anchors, mark the locations with a pencil and use a tape measure to ensure they are level. Drill pilot holes in the wall, slightly smaller than the screws you will use to hang the mirror mounts.

Secure the mounts in the wall, inserting the screws through the holes and into the wall material. After installing the mirror mounts, hang the mirror by holding it up against the wall and slipping the hooks onto the mounts.

Learn How to Hang a Heavy Mirror Today

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to hang a heavy mirror with the right materials and steps. Now you can enjoy the new addition to your space, knowing your mirror is securely installed.

So, why wait? Hang your decorative mirrors today!

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