How To Get The Perfect Staircase For Your Loft: Easy Guide

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Several things to remember before converting your loft to create more room in your home. For instance, whether the roof is tall enough to support the additional addition and the style of space you wish to make. The position and style of the stairs, on the other hand, will have a considerable impact on the construction of your loft conversion and must be remembered. If not planned properly, you may end up with a steep staircase or a non-functional one.

Also, did you know that one of the most common reasons building inspectors reject loft conversions is due to poorly constructed and commissioned loft conversion stairs?

While any professional loft conversion firm will know loft conversion stairs, getting the design and how it fulfils laws right from the start is critical if you’re dealing with a general contractor or DIYing your loft conversion. If problems are not identified until later, your loft stairs may require severe structural alterations, which may incur high costs.

Where Should You Place Your Staircase?

Any stair agency worth their salt should install any new staircase atop your old stairs. It is not only the best option to save space, but it also creates a more coherent design and gives the idea that your new stairs have always been there.

If it is impossible to place one set of steps over the other, you might choose another position. It may be more adaptable, but keep in mind the amount of area it will require.

Saving Space While Designing Home

The benefit of stairs is that they come in all forms, allowing you to select the ideal option for your space constraints. If you’re short on space, here are some space-saving ideas that might be just what you need.

  • Alternating Tread Stairs

If you don’t have enough space, you can use an alternating tread staircase, which is allowed by building codes. They lack the traditional 42-degree pitch, making them both smaller and steeper. They will also have smaller steps that alternate in width, with one broader and one smaller half. These are only possible if your loft only has a single bedroom, though they can also have an ensuite.

  • Fixed Ladder Stairs

A fixed ladder is another alternative if space is limited. It is only permitted if you do not have enough room for a regular staircase, and it will be examined for safety by your local authorities.

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