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How To Get Rid of Rodents in Walls

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Close to 14.8 million Americans saw rodents in their homes in the past 12 months.

Have you noticed unusual sounds coming from the walls or spotted a rodent crawling in your house? It may be a sign of rodent infestation on your property.

Rodents can be drawn to homes that are safe, stocked with food, and warm. They use dark corridors like wall cavities, crawl spaces, and air darks to spread. But finding help to get rid of rodents in walls can be a bit challenging if you’ve never done it before.

As rodents emerge out of the walls looking for food, you can use various techniques to catch them. Here’s a rodent eradication guide to get you started.

Keep All Food Sources Out of Reach

Rodents need small amounts of nutrition each day to sustain them. Keeping the food sources in your home out of their reach can starve them. You may consider storing your grains and other dry foods in airtight metal or glass containers since they are impenetrable.

Sealing potential food sources with tamper-proof bins can help in getting rid of rodents in walls. Also, clean up any food spills and avoid keeping pet food in the open for a long time.

Seal All Entry Points

It’s common for rodents to seek warm shelter when the temperature levels outside dip. Block their entry points with weather-stripping materials or caulk. Also, ensure that any tiny holes in the doorways, foundation, or siding are properly sealed.

Use poke steel wool and duct tape on your home’s vent openings to prevent rodent infestation without restricting airflow. Though this rodent eradication method is quite labor-intensive and requires regular maintenance, it is effective and eco-friendly.

Remove Nesting Materials

Rodents thrive in spaces with nesting materials such as blankets, rugs, and fabric. You should therefore store these items in heavy-duty storage bins made of plastic.

Also, dispose of waste, lightweight plastic, paper, or cardboard, since rodents can chew them up and use them for nesting. Keep your home’s exteriors free of tree branches and foliage since they can be used to nest rodents.

Invest in Natural Rodent Repellents and Live Traps

Since rodents have a sharp sense of smell, you can keep them away with different natural repellents. Your options for repellents include hot pepper solution, fabric softener sheets, and a mix of apple cider and water.

You can also get live traps from home goods and hardware stores and set them up in the house. Baiting these traps with cheese or peanut butter can help you catch rodents.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Service

A pest control service like Safeguard Pest Control ( can help you eliminate rodents in your walls. These services are usually safe, effective, and affordable.

Pest control experts use strategic methods to lure and get rid of rodents. They target hot spots such as basement corners, crawlspaces, and attics where rodents tend to hide with the techniques.

Now You Know How to Effectively Get Rid of Rodents in Walls

Act quickly when you notice any signs of infestation to get rid of rodents in walls. The rodent eradication tips covered in this guide can help you prevent further pest damage.

As long as rodents don’t have the means to enter your property, they will stay away. As a result, there won’t be any instances of rodent droppings or unusual sounds from your walls.

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