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How to Get Rid of Pests: 3 Big Tips for Homeowners

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Learning how to get rid of pests is important business for any homeowner or renter.

It’s well known in scientific circles that the humble mosquito, for instance, claims more human lives around the world than any other animal. That’s right, mosquitos are public enemy number one, and the “world’s deadliest animal,” as far as health researchers are concerned.

Keep reading to find out how to keep mosquitos, ticks, moths, and more from sharing your home with you.

1. Keeping out Mosquitos

First and foremost, make sure there is no standing water anywhere outside of your home. Cover any buckets, rain barrels, or cisterns that they can get to, so they don’t lay their eggs.

You can use an outdoor insect spray made specifically for mosquitos.

Additionally, repair any damaged window and door screens, or install them if you don’t have any. Make sure any holes, cracks, or gaps are filled.

Inside the home, you can use insect foggers or insect sprays where they tend to rest or retreat. Make sure to follow instructions.

More natural solutions include camphor oil, tulsi, garlic, basil, tea tree oil, coffee grounds, and others. Mosquito zappers are also made for in the home as well as outside.

2. Be Proactive Against Ticks

The most effective thing you can do is hire a tick control service. There are a variety of ways that ticks hunt and where they decide to take up residence.

They don’t like the cold, especially during the fall and early winter months. That means they, like spiders and other pests looking for a warm retreat, will try to get in to stay warm.

For a list of which ticks are common pests for humans, and where they are, check out this CDC map. They also give excellent guidance about what to do if a tick bites you.

If you don’t have ticks in the home, make sure there’s a barrier. That means keeping wildlife out of your yard, so your pets don’t get them. Most often, they hitch rides on raccoons and deer getting into your yard.

A 3-foot gravel boundary around your lawn and forested areas can work wonders.

3. Make Fleas Jump Out of Fear

The best method of preventing fleas is to keep up the flea and tick medication regime on your pets.

Otherwise, make sure that your home is clean. Your carpet, drapes, pillows, and furniture are all ripe areas for fleas to hide. Wash all your linens, laundry, and towels. Don’t forget the pet bedding — you may even want to throw it out and get a new one once the infestation is over.

Bug bombs and flea sprays are the surest ways to end the infestation, but also often become a source of toxicity in the home.

How to Get Rid of Pests: Top 3 Pests

This has been a quick guide on the top three pests we see in our homes, and how to get rid of the pests. Don’t let tick season or the summer wear you down. Remember, bugs love summer as much as we do and go looking for warmer climates during winter.

Make sure you’re prepared year-round by getting in touch with a pest control company you can trust.

Also, make sure to find out about more pests in our other blogs!

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