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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

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Did you know that there are 35 states in the United States of America that allow a medical pain patient access to a medical marijuana card? Medical marijuana is a great solution for people that are suffering from chronic pain and a number of other big issues. With the stigma that is attached to marijuana, you might be apprehensive about asking medical professionals about medical marijuana.

There are tons of medical marijuana benefits that you should get to enjoy when it comes to being a pain patient. It is perfect for those looking for alternative forms of treatment. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn more about getting a medical marijuana card and using approved dispensaries.

Keep reading this article to learn all about how to get your card for medical marijuana as a medical patient today.

Talk With Your Primary Care Physician

The first step in the process of getting a medical marijuana card is to talk with your primary care physician. Talk about the things that you’ll need in order to qualify for a medical marijuana card. Start by looking at the medical conditions that qualify in your state in order to determine if you have any of these conditions.

If you do find that you suffer from any of those conditions, the next step involves talking with your doctor and getting their thoughts. Find out if medical marijuana would benefit you. This might seem like a waste of time but it is important. Your doctor will know how the marijuana reacts with other medications and forms of treatment you’re currently using.

You should also consider getting an evaluation before applying for a medical marijuana card for something that is a new issue. Issues like back pain or knee pain are the most common. Most doctors can’t get you a medical marijuana card. You’ll need documentation recommending it from your doctor in order to proceed with the people that can provide a medical marijuana card.

Contact a Doctor That Is Certified

After talking with your doctor and getting a recommendation from them for a medical marijuana card, the next step is to contact a doctor in your area that is certified to help you sign up for your card as a medical patient. Each state has doctors that are allowed to prescribe you with a card for use at approved dispensaries like the one linked here.

If your primary care physician is already certified to provide a medical marijuana card then you can skip this step as your process will be quick and easy. Realistically, most doctors don’t have the certification to provide you with a medical marijuana card so you’ll want to find doctors that can in your area.

Come Up With a Plan With That Doctor

The next step is to schedule an appointment with the marijuana doctor to have them verify the medical condition that is ailing you. If you do have a condition that qualifies you to use medical marijuana, you’ll work with this doctor to come up with a plan to find the right way to make medical marijuana work for you.

Keep in mind that each state that allows medical marijuana has its own list of conditions that qualify you for a medical marijuana card. The good news is that many of the conditions for these conditions are open to interpretation. This means that it is easier than you’d think to get a medical marijuana card.

It is a good rule of thumb to expect the doctor to ask about your main medical conditions and ailments as well as others that you’re experiencing that are taking away from your quality of life. This doctor will also likely give you advice on the side effects that you might experience when using medical marijuana.

Register With Your State’s Health Department

This step is another step that doesn’t apply to each state, so you’ll need to do some research in order to determine where your home state falls. Some states require a medical patient to register on their own time with the state’s health department prior to getting. medical marijuana card.

There are some states, like California, where you don’t need to do anything in order to get your medical marijuana card. The system in California requires the doctor to submit your recommendation and you’ll get your card in the mail. In most states, the process of getting your medical marijuana card is simple and easy. This is especially true for a pain patient.

Use Your Card at Approved Dispensaries

Once you have possession of your card you can start looking at the different dispensaries near you to check out. Odds are that it will take a few weeks before your card shows up in your mailbox. The doctor should give you a temporary medical card to use during the time it takes for your new medical marijuana card to show up.

The experts at your dispensary are also a great resource to have for after you get your card. They’ll give you good advice on the best strains for your needs depending on what ails you as a pain patient. If there is a specific product that the doctor recommends then you should visit the recommended dispensary for that product.

You should also consider checking out a marijuana pharmacist. They can help when it comes to any questions that arise after you get your medical marijuana card. A pharmacist is trained to have the answers to your questions and concerns. They’re the perfect resource for getting you the medications and strains of medical marijuana that you need for pain management.

Don’t Let Being a Pain Patient Hold You Back

There are a number of ways that being a pain patient will hold you back from living life to the fullest, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Getting a medical marijuana card is a great solution to the chronic pain and ailments you face. Make sure that you visit with a doctor that is certified to provide a medical card and go to approved dispensaries.

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