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How to Find Sponsors for Your Podcast

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Did you know that around 41% of Americans listen to podcasts every month, averaging about eight episodes per week?

These numbers only seem to be growing as people get more familiar with podcasts and implement them into their day-to-day routines.

With this growth in popularity comes a growth in podcasters as well. Are you debating starting a podcast? Do you have one already but feel like it could be more successful? Is finding sponsors one of your greatest challenges?

Read on to learn all you need to know about how to find sponsors so that you can make money podcasting.

Work With an Agency

There are many different podcasting companies that handle all aspects of podcasting for you, including finding sponsors and creating ad opportunities.

Working with one of these companies is beneficial not only because they can help with finding sponsors, but they can also help you to create the best podcast possible with their knowledge and resources.

This will result in a quality show that is more likely to be viewed by many and is, in turn, more likely to be of interest to potential sponsors.

Pitch to Brands Directly

When talking about how to find podcast sponsors, it’s important to remember that you can pitch directly to brands yourself if you’d like.

While this requires some courage and knowledge about proper pitching practices, this method can result in an agreement that is beneficial for both you and the brand.

This also sets you apart from your competition and allows you to negotiate a contract that hits all of the points important to you without worrying about involving another party in the mix.

Use an Online Ad Marketplace

They have marketplaces online for everything nowadays, including ones designed to match brands with podcasts that fit their vision.

They all work a bit differently. But, essentially, you sign up and share information about your podcast. This might include monthly listeners, a synopsis of the show, etc.

From here, brands can sign up for the site and search for podcasters that they think match their image and goals. You might also search through available sponsors and pitch to them through the site.

Things to Keep In Mind

No matter how you choose to secure sponsors, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Set your rate before reaching out
  • Craft a high-quality pitch
  • Don’t put too many ads per episode
  • Practice other forms of marketing too

All of these things combined will help you find sponsors with ease.

Find Sponsors for Your Podcast More Easily Than Ever

It’s possible to find sponsors for your podcast, no matter how new or successful your show is.

There are brands of all types looking for podcasters to match up with, and you could be their perfect fit. If you practice the methods found here and keep in mind the things mentioned above, you will undoubtedly have your dream sponsors in no time!

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