how to find a leak in a roof

How to Find a Leak in a Roof

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Did you know that Buffalo and Rochester, New York each average over 165 wet days a year? This is the highest amount of rainfall days in the United States.

No matter where you live, waiting around for rainfall to determine if you have a roofing leak will take time. Luckily, there are other methods on how to find a leak in a roof.

Keep reading to learn them.

Look for Signs of a Roof Leak

Knowing how to find a leak in a roof involves listening and looking for signs. The first signs are generally the sight and sound of dripping water.

There are other signs you might find that include:

  • Musty odors
  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Spots on exterior walls
  • Bulging patches on interior walls
  • Warped or missing shingles

These signs point to a potential leak in your roof.

Check Your Attic

Even if you notice the above signs, they might not tell you where the leak is. Go into your attic and look for water stains, black marks, or mold on the roof sheathing and rafters.

Small water stains can sometimes be caused by exposed nails. If this is the cause of a leak, you can fix it by clipping the nail below the head with some pliers.

Use a Water Hose

To find a leak in a roof, you might need to make it rain. Instead of waiting for the next storm, use a water hose to soak your roof one section at a time.

Have someone stay inside the home near where you suspect a leak. They can note when they see a drip.

You should move slowly from one section to another and spend a few minutes drenching each area. This can narrow down the source of the leak in your roof.

If your helper finds a drip but you still can’t figure out where the leak is coming from. You can begin tearing up shingles in the suspected area to find water stains or rotting wood.

Make DIY Repairs

After finding a leak in a roof, there are potential fixes you can do on your own. You can stop a roof leak in the following ways:

  • Replace damaged shingles
  • Reapply caulk
  • Fix plumbing vent boots

Not all of these are long-term solutions. Once you find a roof leak, it’s best to hire a roof contractor to fix it for you. They can fix more complex problems like:

  • Roof flashing replacement
  • Heat cable installation
  • Total roof replacement

A professional can also identify the extent of your roof leak. If you are unable to find a roof leak with the above steps, an expert will be able to.

How to Find a Leak in a Roof Explained

Knowing how to find a leak in a roof can help you avoid extensive roof damage. As soon as you notice signs of a leak, it’s best to get to the root of the problem.

Using the steps in this guide, you should be able to spot a leak before it gets any worse. You can complete DIY repairs but more complicated problems require the help of a professional.

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