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How to Dress as a Muscular Man: Your Essential Fashion Guide

Muscles and men go hand-in-hand. The average man has 75% more muscle than the average woman.

Many people think that the body of a muscular man looks good. Fewer people think that way about a muscular man’s clothing. When you have a bulky body, you need to consider some fashion tips.

What colors should you wear? What layers should you put on? What are some style tips you should follow so you seem fashionable?

Answer these questions and you can show off your physique and sense of style at the same time. Here is your quick guide.

Wear Neutral Colors

Many men like to wear flashy colors in order to draw attention to themselves. Muscular men don’t need to do that. Their bodies provide enough of a statement.

Neutral colors are simple and suitable for all environments. You don’t have to limit yourself to whites and blacks, though those are good all-around choices. Grays and blues offer distinct colors without being overwhelming to the eye.

Use Light Layers

Your muscles will keep you warm. You don’t need to wear a sweater or thick jacket in the snow or rain.

At the same time, outerwear is present in many fashion trends. You can always wear a shirt with long sleeves. You can add on a cardigan, thin sweater, or windbreaker.

Find the Right Fit

Perhaps the biggest problem for a muscular man is finding the right fit. You may put on an XXL shirt only to find it too constricting.

Don’t go off of the sizing charts of bodybuilding clothing brands. The XL shirt of one brand may fit you better than the XXL shirt of another brand. You should look at the dimensions of the shirts on the product pages and then try the actual shirts out.

Select Fashion Items

There are several pieces of clothing you can buy to draw out your fashion sense. A jacket that has a cropped waist can accentuate your torso, especially if you have thick abdominal muscles.

A single-breasted suit tends to work better than a double-breasted one. Double-breasted materials can bulge over your muscles and arms, which can seem awkward.

Jeans are a decent choice for pants, especially in casual settings. Skinny jeans are too restricting, but baggy pants can be too loose. Try out different pairs of jeans and see ones that are not too tight on your thighs and butt.

Hire a Tailor

Read a guide with clothing tips, and you’ll find recommendations to hire tailors. Finding the perfect fit or fashion items can be impossible. A tailor can adjust your clothes to meet your body proportions and give you fashion advice.

Find the Right Fashion for a Muscular Man

A muscular man needs to follow many different clothing tips. You should consider dressing in neutral colors, though you should not limit yourself to blacks and whites.

You should dress in light layers that don’t limit your mobility. Look at the dimensions of clothes and try them on without relying on the size charts.

There are many fashion items you can choose to draw out your style like single-breasted suits. When in doubt, go to a tailor for more precise advice.

Fashion is prone to change, even for muscular men. Read more fashion guides by following our coverage.

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