How to download a migration certificate online?

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Here we have given the subtleties of downloading the ICSE Migration authentication from its site in a bit by bit technique.

To work with the accessibility to the up-and-comers, the issuance of the Migrations endorsement has been decentralized by the Office of the Council.

The school Heads or authority can submit a mass request to the ICSE board to get the MIgration endorsement for the understudies who have equipped for the tests and need the testaments to get affirmation in more significant level courses.

Note : Migration Certificate is not quite the same as Domicile Certificate.

The charge to get a Migration declaration is Rs.150. The expenses ought to be submitted online to the chamber of the Board. After accepting the instalment, the gathering will dispatch the testaments from the Council’s Kolkata office to the Heads of Schools, by Registered post.

It ought to be remained careful under the School authority or the board to give it safely to the understudies

The school heads who are capable to give the authentications should ensure that it is given to the effective competitors just (who have breezed through their tests)

Additionally, it ought to be properly endorsed by the School head before it is introduced to the understudies

A record of effective appropriation of movement testaments ought to be kept up in the school

FAQ’s on Migration Certificate 

Question 1. 

What is a relocation endorsement?


A relocation testament is an archive given by the School/College/University to the understudies so they can get entrance into different foundations. The school or school authorities are capable to give the relocation testament alongside fundamental archives.

Question 2. 

How to get the relocation declaration?


After the fruitful fulfilment of the Class twelfth test, understudies need to get a movement endorsement to get admissions to other instructive organizations. To get a relocation testament, understudies ought to apply to the current training load up (State load up/CBSE/ICSE) alongside the joined mark sheet and school leaving declaration. Likewise, they need to pay the necessary changes. The gathering of the board will dispatch the declaration to the School’s location from where you can gather the movement endorsement, appropriately endorsed by the Principal.

Question 3. 

Is a movement endorsement fundamental?


To get entrance into another instructive foundation, a movement endorsement is compulsory.

Question 4. 

When a relocation testament is required?


A relocation testament is vital when school understudies have breezed through their group twelfth test effectively and he/she needs to get admission to school or college to look for graduation courses.

Question 5. 

What is the distinction between a movement testament and a school leaving declaration?


A school leaving testament is required when an understudy is moved to another school of a similar load up, because of specific conditions. In any case, a relocation testament is required when understudies look for admission to another board.

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