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How to Decorate Your Patio Like a Pro

Nearly 90 percent of American homeowners aren’t happy with their current outdoor spaces.

If you’re among these, you might be thinking about redoing your outside space. If so, you’ll first want to learn how to decorate your space like a pro.

Keep reading to learn the patio decorating tips you need to know!

Choose a Theme

Much like designing any interior room in your home, it’s best to pick a general theme when choosing outside decor. Choosing a theme that you like will help you pick pieces that work well together, and tie in your outside space as a whole.

A theme that fits well with the decor inside your home can also help to make your patio an extension of your living space. For instance, if the interior of your home is mainly modern, stick to a modern theme outside as well. Other themes that work well with outdoor decor include Bohemian, minimalist, or Mediterranean-inspired.

Keep It Mostly Neutral

On a small patio or enclosed porch, it can be easy to overwhelm the space with too much color or too many patterns. To avoid this, stick to mostly neutral decor, then add focal points with a few carefully chosen pops of color.

It’s a good idea to choose neutral colors for your biggest pieces. This might include an outdoor couch and chairs or a dining set. Then, consider the accent colors you’d like to include, and shop for piece in that tone. A colorful rug, a few throw pillows, or a piece of outdoor-friendly art or decor is a great choice.

The overall neutral color scheme will help keep your exterior space polished and clean, while the accent colors will help bring the space to life.

Opt for Practical Pieces

One big mistake that many homeowners make when designing an outdoor space is choosing pieces based on their look alone. But one of the most important decorating tips you should keep in mind is choosing pieces that are as practical as they are beautiful.

For instance, just because an outdoor chair looks great in your space doesn’t mean that it is comfortable. And if your outdoor furniture isn’t comfortable, or doesn’t take into account how you use the space, you won’t wind up spending any time there.

Start by thinking about how you’d like to use the space. Do you want to be able to eat meals outside? Or would you rather have room to relax and curl up with a great book? Then, try out different kinds of furniture to see what you like, and what feels comfortable to you.

Invest in Quality Furniture

Another big mistake to avoid is choosing cheap patio furniture. While this may seem like a way to save money upfront, it will often cost you more over time. That’s because cheap furniture wears out quickly, especially when it’s outside, exposed to the elements.

Instead, consider spending a bit more upfront to invest in quality furniture. The best modern outdoor furniture will not only help your patio look like it was designed by a pro, but will also last for years to come!

Patio Decorating Like a Pro

Patio decorating like a pro is easier than you might think. With these simple tips, you can create a space that’s as comfortable and practical as it is beautiful.

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