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How To Deal With An Oversensitive Scalp

An oversensitive scalp is a huge disaster. It is often accompanied by itching and irritation. Any changes in skin care or even changes in weather conditions can immediately affect it. This can be connected to inappropriate care products, hair dyeing and stress in barbershop on Manhattan.

The most common problem is dandruff. Unfortunately, this is a problem for most men. You can and should fight it with a special anti-dandruff shampoo. This shampoo inhibits the fungi growth that provokes it, eliminates irritation and itching.

However, keep in mind that dandruff can be misinterpreted as the desquamation of dry skin. As a rule, it is caused by an improperly selected shampoo, which dries out the skin severely. In this case, it is enough just to replace it with another one or choose a shampoo for fine and dry hair.

The skin on the head has its own protective layer – keratinized cells, which are held together by lipids (fatty compounds). Aggressive external influence can lead to the loss of some parts of lipids. And as a result, the skin begins to lose moisture, and harmful substances can enter it. All this is accompanied by itching, redness and dandruff.

Choose a milder or lipid shampoo for yourself. For overly sensitive skin, the shampoo wash base can dry out the hair, destroying the protective layer. To avoid this, dilute the shampoo with water.

Alcohol-based styling mousses and gels can affect harm to sensitive skin, this is dryness and flaking. Because of the significant number of gels, hair sprays, and various styling products that we apply to our hair, oils, and dirt accumulate on our skin. In the end, our beautiful curls become like cotton wool.

An ordinary shampoo doesn’t do it. The use of hot styling devices is also not recommended. Do not use alcohol-based products. Pay attention to leave-in conditioners, modeling sprays, and pastes. Do not hold your hairdryer close to your scalp.

Using a metal or plastic-bristle comb can also damage the scalp. Try to use only natural soft brushes. Wooden combs work well.

Air conditioners in summer or dry heated indoor air in winter – this is a very difficult situation for the scalp. Moisturizing conditioners, masks, and shampoos will be a real salvation for the skin. These products will restore moisture balance without excess lipids.

Needless to say, how aggressively hair dyeing affects the scalp. When lightening your hair, try to keep the dye away from the scalp. Do an allergy test 48 hours before the planned procedure. Apply a dye to the crease of the elbow – if redness or peeling appears, then the product is not suitable for you.

Use ammonia-free dyes. And finally. Remember that all products that come into contact with the skin should be selected not by the type of hair, but by the condition of the scalp. For severe skin problems, choose products for sensitive skin only.

If you feel an insufferable discomfort, itching and can even notice hair loss, it is highly recommended seeing a trichologist.

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