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How To Create or Choose Unique Pet Names (With Examples)

Dogs and cats are still the most popular household pets in America, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give them popular names.

Sure, you can name your cat Snowball or your dog Fido. There’s nothing wrong with the classic pet names people have been using for decades on end. But what if you want to go with something a little bit different?

Unique pet names all but guarantee that you won’t encounter another pet with the same name. Coming up with something unique is a great way to make your pet stand out and demonstrate your creativity. Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration.

We’re here to help you ditch the classic names and come up with something original for your new pet.

Consider Your Pet’s Personality

If you haven’t chosen a name yet, you probably don’t know your pet very well. Of course, you don’t want to wait too long to name them, especially if we’re talking about a pet that will learn its name, like a dog or a cat. Still, there’s nothing wrong with waiting a few days to watch your pet’s personality reveal itself.

How can you come up with unique names for your family pet based on its behavior? Imagine that you have a turtle that gets more excited about lettuce than turtle food. That turtle’s name could become Lettuce or Leafy Green.

The same goes for all sorts of traits. If you have a cat that loves to run in circles, you could name her Swirls or Dizzy. If you have a dog that only whines and never barks, you could name him Whimper.

Personality traits are a fun launching point to come up with unique pet names. You can either turn the trait into a name, itself, or you could use word association to come up with something else.

Learn Fun Facts About Your Pet’s Breed or Species

When you get a new pet, it’s always useful to learn more about that breed or species. This puts you in a better position to provide better pet care.

It also puts you in a position to come up with a unique name. For example, let’s say that you look up facts about your new axolotl on fantaxies.com and find out that it keeps hopping because it has hiccups. A perfect name for that axolotl, in that case, is Hiccup.

This can also go in the other direction. Some pets are naturally hairless, whether it’s because they’re covered in scales or fur or because they’re a hairless breed. Going in the opposite direction and naming your hairless pet something like Sweater or Socks is a unique and amusing way to base a name on a trait they don’t have.

Pull Inspiration from Pop Culture

What if you want your pet to have a name that no other pet has, but don’t mind borrowing that name from a human? It’s time to turn to pop culture to select your unique pet name.

Note that this isn’t unheard of. Taylor Swift, for example, has a cat named Olivia Benson, named after the popular TV detective. Still, there’s a good chance that you can pull from a reference that no one has ever used before.

How can you get started? Think about your favorite musicians, favorite fictional characters, or favorite cultural icons. Try out a few different names on your pet until you find one that really suits them.

Make a List of Your Favorite Foods

Okay, we’ve already suggested Leafy Green, but we have to say, naming a pet after food is always a fun thing to do. Sure, there are a few options that have gotten popular over the years–chances are, you’ve met a dog or cat named Taco by now. Still, there are plenty of unique options that haven’t been done.

Blanking on your favorite foods that would make good pet names? Let’s narrow it down by thinking about the ingredients on your favorite sandwich. We’ve got plenty of options to choose from, here: Provolone, Mustard, Pickle, Turkey, Ham, Tomato–the list goes on!

Let’s try another example and think about the ingredients on your favorite pizza. Once again, we’re looking at plenty of options that could be great pet names: Marinara, Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Pineapple, Anchovy, Garlic, Onion–once again, your choices are plentiful!

Use Classic Names in New Ways

What if you like some of those classic names but want to use them in new ways? Consider mixing and matching so that your classic name and your pet’s breed are an unexpected pairing.

What kinds of mixing and matching are we talking about? You could name a bird Fido or a fish Whiskers. You could name a turtle Fluffy or a dog Daffy.

The goal is to create a bit of surprise and add some humor to your pet’s name. When you take a classic name and give it to a pet that wouldn’t usually receive that name, it becomes unique again.

There Are Tons of Unique Pet Names to Consider

When you have a new pet, one of the most exciting moments is deciding what to name them. Tons of classic names and cliche names might come to mind, but that doesn’t mean that you have to use them. Instead, use our guide to get inspired and come up with unique pet names that people are bound to remember.

Looking for more fun lifestyle tips, tricks, and ideas? Take a look around as we cover everything from redecorating tips to fun and exciting recipes to try for your next party.

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