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How to Create an Outdoor Oasis with Trex Decking

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One trend stood out last year in home renovation: outdoor spaces, with a 13% annual growth in decking. It’s easy to see why. With warm summer weather and record numbers of home workers, an outdoor oasis tops the list.

If you’re considering renovating your garden, read on. Here, we’ll explain the benefits of using Trex decking and how to design the perfect seating area in your backyard.

What Is Trex Decking?

Trex composite decking is a style of decking material and comprises recycled wood and plastic.

It’s designed to mimic the appearance of natural wood but with added durability and comes in a range of finishes, Trex decking colors, and styles.

There are plenty of benefits of using Trex decking. It’s low-maintenance, hard-wearing, eco-friendly, and slip-resistant.

Getting Started

An outdoor oasis begins with a perfectly fitted decked area. So your first job is to measure the space where you intend to install the deck so you can calculate your decking costs.

If you have a choice about where to add the decking, consider factors such as shelter, paths from your house, and sunlight.

You don’t want a decked area in the shade all day, but you will wish to shelter from the elements. That could mean adding a gazebo or similar.

When measuring, don’t forget to note any objections, including uneven surfaces, trees, roots, and plants. If you need a landscape team to remove plants and flatten the ground, you’ll need to factor this into your costs.

Prepping the Space

Once you have your decking measured and know where it will go in your garden, it’s time to begin prepping the area. First, clear any debris and plants. You must remove plants at the root.

If you have trees that you need to remove, hire a professional tree surgeon, as they may need to treat the trunk to ensure the roots die away.

Before adding your decking, lay a base layer of gravel or sand to level the space. You’ll also need to lay a frame for your decking, and you should use strong lumber.

Designing Your Oasis

When choosing your Trex decking, think about a color that will look natural in your outdoor space. If you have existing outdoor furniture, use that as a guide for the type of finish you want.

You should also consider whether you want straight decking or an angular herringbone-style finish.

Once you’ve established a design, hire professional fitters to get the job done to a high standard. Get quotes from two or three local landscape teams and ensure you seek references from past customers before making a final choice.

Finishing Touches

Once your landscape team has installed your Trex decking, it’s time to add the finishing touches.

Start with the large items, including tables, seatings, and any canopy or gazebo you’ve purchased. Make sure you get friends or family to help you lift it, as you don’t want to scratch your new decking.

Remember to buy storage if you use cushions for your seating area. And add some potted plants to the sides of your decking to add a final flourish.

The Perfect Outdoor Space

Don’t leave your backyard empty and unloved. Now is the perfect time to renovate with Trex decking and turn your garden into an outdoor oasis that you can enjoy all year round.

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