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How to Create an Open House Invitation

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Are you planning to host an open house soon? If you want to reach several potential buyers, then you’ll need to design an open house invitation that’ll draw them in. Home staging and deep cleaning are essential parts of selling a home as well, but you need to get a potential buyer into the home in order to show them how great everything looks.

That’s where the invitations come into play. You can use an open house template to help you create your own invitation. There are also some great tips to keep in mind when creating your design.

In the guide below, you’ll find several open house invitation tips to consider testing out. Continue reading below to get started!

Include Professional Photos

Imagine receiving an invitation to an open house in the mail but not knowing what the house looks like. Is it a fixer-upper? Does the house have a yard or enough windows?

Potential buyers want to get a glimpse of what the home for sale looks like before taking the time to drive there. For this reason, always be sure to include professional photos in your invitations. You should include one “headshot” of the house and then 3 or 4 photos of the inside of the house as well.

If the potential buyers like what they see, then they’ll show up to the open house to see more of the home.

Throw in a Great Review

While creating the invitation/postcard design, don’t hesitate to throw in a great review on there as well. You won’t have the space to paste every great review ever received, but choose one and include it on the invitation. Everyone loves to read great reviews about a realtor before working with them.

A review on the invitation is a great way to help potential buyers build trust in your real estate expertise.

Add All the Right Details

Don’t forget to include all of the right details. You want to use large font for the date and time of the open house, so potential buyers know when to visit. You also want to include details about yourself, such as different types of contact information.

Then, if the space allows, include important information about the house (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and more). If selling without the help of a realtor, then speak with Keller Williams on the Water for more advice.

Use Bright Colors

When coming up with the design of the invitation, be sure to use a lot of bright colors. You want the invitation to really pop when potential buyers receive it. The color and font you use for your contact information should make all those details stand out so people know how to reach you.

Then, think about what other information you want to stand out and what colors would be best to make that happen. Show the invitation to a friend and ask them what’s the first thing that stood out to them.

What Will Your Open House Invitation Look Like?

Use all of these great open house invitation tips and tricks to design a phenomenal invitation that’ll bring in lots of potential buyers. Get creative with it and don’t hold back from creating a unique design you believe your target audience will appreciate.

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