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How to Combat a Mice Infestation and Win the Battle

Rodents invade about 21 million homes every year, resulting in 29% of Americans facing a rodent issue in their home at some point. It may sound gross to admit that you have a mice infestation, but the sooner you face the problem head-on, the sooner you can resolve it.

Follow these tips for ridding your home of mice and preventing them from coming back.

Know the Mice Infestation Signs

It’s likely you won’t see a rat our mouse until the infestation is severe. So instead, look for other signs to catch your rodent issue early. That way, you can address the problem before it gets out of hand.

There could be rodent droppings around cabinets, food storage areas, or under your sinks. Food packages can have signs of chewing. Shredded fabric, plants, or paper can be a sign of nesting.

How to Get Rid of Mice

Effective mice control takes time and commitment. Use a multi-prong approach that attacks the problem from different angles.

Seal up Entry Points

Start by eliminating the entry points. This is a challenge in itself because mice can squeeze through holes that are the size of a quarter. Look for any holes or cracks that are an inch wide or larger.

Place Traps

Put out mouse traps. You don’t need anything fancy; the old-school wooden snap ones will work. Some people view them as not humane, though. Other trap types include bait, live capture, and glue.

Use as many traps as you can. You may think you only have one mouse, but odds are you have more.

Use the Right Bait

The best bait is the food you already know the mouse wants. For example, if the mice in your home have chewed through a particular box, then you know your mice like that particular food. So placing it on or near the traps will encourage the mice to the area.

Strategically Choose Trap Placement

Trap placement is a must for success. They should be perpendicular to the wall with the trigger facing the wall. The mice will naturally run along the wall and trigger the trap.

You also need to place them near the nesting or food spots. Mice don’t have a large territory, so placing traps beyond these areas is useless.

You Can’t Just Clean

Simply cleaning your home and removing the food or water source won’t be enough. Mice need very little to survive, so crumbs are enough to sustain them. Once the mice are in your home, cleaning won’t convince them to leave.

Hire Pest Control Services

The best strategy is to practice mice infestation prevention. That way, you stop the problem before it ever happens. You can click here to hire a rodent control service that will put out traps or spray repellants.

Do your part by removing nesting sites, sealing holes, and cleaning up food or water. You want to make your house unappealing for a rodent looking for a new home.

Take Care of Your Mice Infestation

If you think you might have a mice infestation, you need to act quickly. The longer you wait, the worse the problem gets. Start by looking for signs of mice, then placing traps. Once they are gone, take steps to make your home less appealing to mice in the future.

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