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How To Clean Your Carpet

How To Clean Your Carpet

Keeping a carpet clean is very important for not only the appearance of your home but also the health of the people who live in it. Stains and dingy carpet can be able to prevent you from a peaceful atmosphere. At the same time, you can also get some respiratory problems due to allergens and dirt. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to clean carpet. Check out this article to learn how to clean the carpet. We will provide you some useful methods.

Vacuum your carpet

Before vacuuming the carpet, you need to pick up papers, any toys, and other objects. They can obstruct the vacuum cleaner. It’s important to look for all small items such as coins because they may damage the mechanism. Also, you have to dust the blinds, windowsills, furniture, and baseboards first. By this way, you can vacuum up the falling dust.

For hard to reach places, you need a help from a nozzle attachment. It’s essential to remove the edges of the carpets and the baseboards first. You have to use the cranny extension to reach hard to clean areas such as under couches and other pieces.

You have to vacuum both horizontally and vertically. By this way, you can make sure you can reach every part of the fiber.

It’s ideal to vacuum at least once a week. This will help to remove dirt or pet hair on your carpet. So, remember to vacuum more often.

Spot Clean Your Carpet

In order to avoid transferring the color to your carpet, you shouldn’t use rags with patterns or dyed. Instead, you need to use a clean white cloth or paper towels without patterns.

Choose the proper carpet cleaner. There is a wide range of commercial carpet detergents on the market today. But, it’s important to read the label before buying to choose the right for your stain and carpet type.

You should test the cleaning product on a small part of your carpet. This helps to avoid buying an inappropriate product for your carpet.

Last, avoid soaking up your carpet with water because it can absorb into the pad beneath. As a result, your carpet will get mold and mildew. Make the area dry completely. It’s essential to use a large amount of water for a large stain. Then, make it dry more quickly thanks to a fan or a carpet dryer.

Shampoo your carpet

Before cleaning your carpet, you have to remove all furniture. But, there are some bulky or heavy items you can’t remove. You need to place plastic under the legs of them. This helps to prevent them from the water.

You have to vacuum your carpet thoroughly to avoid neglecting crannies as well as corners. Remove major stains in the carpet. Although you can remove grim with shampooer, it may set stains more deeply. Look for a carpet shampooer. You can find it in many grocery or hardware stores.

Make a careful plan. It’s great to start at the area farthest from the door as well as work your way out.

Follow the directions of the solution on the bottle. Avoid adding too much soap if you don’t want to damage your machine as well as your carpets. It’s best to use slightly less detergent than the recommendation.

It’s good to clean your carpet twice. This helps to remove the soap that remains in the carpet. You can put a combination of a50-50 mix of white vinegar and water in the vacuum. It can help to remove thoroughly the soap.

Prevent messes on your carpet

Remove all mess-making substances from your carpet. Then, remember to take off your footwear before you walk on the carpet. By this way, you can prevent dirt from being tracked inside.

In addition, you also have to train your pets properly to make sure your pets don’t make any accidents on your carpet. You should place a litter box of your pet in an area with an easier to clean flooring. This helps to prevent litter from being tracked onto the carpet.

Last, don’t forget to remove any excess staining agents right away otherwise it will be more difficult to remove.

Final Tips

It’s ideal to steam for 6-12 hours. Sometimes, you can have to remove odors caused by your pets. It’s not a good idea when cleaning up pet urine by steaming. Instead, you should spot clean with a specially formulated. Last, don’t soak the carpet to avoid a mold or mildew problem.

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