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How to Choose the Right Engineered Flooring for Your Home

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With all the rubble and dirt pretty much everywhere these days, it’s no surprise that vinyl flooring is back in a big way. Not only is it dirt-resistant, but it also hides all those pesky imperfections. It also dries quickly in the event of a spill; it’s easy to clean and generally stands the test of time.

Our home is where all happenings occur. We nurture our children, and we teach and pass on values to the next generation. Our home serves as our sacred grounds; therefore, it’s best to consider all angles for stress-free engineered flooring.

Here’s a quick guide on choosing the right engineered flooring for your home.

Consider Your Lifestyle & Needs

If entertaining and foot traffic are important to you, you’ll likely want to opt for a flooring with a higher wear layer to ensure the floors can stand up to regular wear and tear. If water resistance is a priority, make sure you choose a basement flooring product with a waterproof core. It’s also important to think about maintenance requirements.

Some flooring types, like engineered wood floors, require regular waxing or polishing to keep them looking their best, while others can be swept and vacuumed with no further upkeep. Additionally, take into account your family’s habits. If you have kids and/or pets, then a tougher flooring type, such as vinyl or ceramic tile, may be the best option.

Analyze Available Space & Room Size

Measure the dimensions of the space in which the flooring will be installed to determine the size of the planks needed. If the space is smaller, planks with shorter widths may be the best option. For larger widths, you will want to choose planks with longer lengths to avoid a lot of seams.

Once you have selected a size, note the amount of foot traffic and determine the amount of durability that is needed. For high-traffic areas, you will want to choose flooring with higher wear resistance. To achieve the desired look, select a finish that brings out the existing elements of the room.

Review Durability & Eco-Friendly Effects

When selecting the right engineered flooring for your home, it is important to consider its durability and eco-friendly effects. Solid wood floors are a great choice for high-traffic areas as they are generally more durable than solid wood flooring.

Additionally, seek out flooring from Boise Flooring Store, as this will reduce environmental impact. In some cases, engineered wood may even have a lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) rating than solid wood, which can help improve interior air quality. In essence, it is important to do your research and select an engineered flooring that is both eco-friendly and durable.

Engineered Flooring for Your Home

Engineered flooring continues to be an on-trend choice for homeowners looking for an economical yet stylish option for their homes. Knowing what material, color, gloss, and thickness are essential for installing the right engineered flooring for your home. This allows for the right selection that exceeds your expectations.

With the right engineered flooring, you can impress your guests and add more beauty to your home. Check out your local flooring store today to find the perfect engineered flooring for you.

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