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How to Choose the Best Transportation Option for Your Wedding

Every year, 2.5 million couples marry in the United States. This equates to approximately 6,200 weddings each day! On average, a couple invites 178 people to their wedding.

With your wedding getting near, the amount of time you have left to plan is rapidly running out. So, it’s the moment to begin checking off what’s been accomplished and what still requires attention.

Choosing the best transportation company is one aspect of the wedding that you may not have given much attention to.

It’s easy to overlook your wedding transportation as your wedding gown, cake, and venue take center stage. It should not, however, be taken lightly. The appropriate wedding transportation service is just as crucial as the other aspects.

Are you prepared to celebrate your wedding day in style? Keep reading to learn the tips for choosing the best transportation company for your big day.

Why Is Wedding Transport Necessary?

Unless you plan on having your wedding in your yard or the same location as your hotel, you need wedding transport. Wedding transport helps you and your team get to the venue. You and your spouse-to-be, the bridal team, your family and friends, and some guests will need transport.

Normally, you can agree with a transportation company to transport you throughout the day. The transportation team will move back and forth throughout the day. They will ferry wedding guests to ensure everyone is where they are needed.

Hiring transport is better than having everyone drive themselves as it ensures everyone arrives on time. You likely plan on making a toast at your wedding.

If any of your guests have had too much to drink, they cannot drive safely. Thus, having transportation on standby is helpful.

If you have a destination wedding, your guests may be unfamiliar with the location. Having transport, in this case, ensures everyone makes it to the venue. Even when your wedding is near home, transport is necessary when you have guests from far areas.

What Are Your Transportation Options?

There are several transportation options available for weddings. Here are the best options to choose from:

Limousine or Town Car

A limo is a great option if you have a few guests. A limousine can accommodate you and your spouse-to-be and the groom’s men and bride’s maids. Alternatively, you may get a smaller limousine, just for the couple and the couple’s parents.

Talk with your local wedding limousine service early enough, as sometimes limousines are in high demand. Some companies offer you a chauffeur if you want the luxury experience for your wedding.

Party Bus

A party bus is perfect for a large entourage. With a party bus, the celebrations never stop. Party buses have fun additions like disco lights and sound systems.

They also have vibrant colors that bring out the fun in an event. Some party buses have a sunroof, allowing you to take better pictures.


An uber may not seem like a glamorous option to many people, but it is a great way to save money. Using an uber as your wedding transport is also convenient because you do not have to book transport prior to the wedding.

Since you will have already determined the destination of the cars, it is easy to know how much an uber ride will cost you. You can give your guests an uber gift card as they arrive at the hotel. That way, you will have catered to their transportation needs to and from the venue on the wedding day.

School Bus

A school bus is another option if you have many guests. You can revamp the school bus to fit your wedding aesthetic. A local company can provide you with a school bus for your wedding.

Alternatively, try speaking to a local school and see if they are willing to rent out their bus.

How to Book the Best Transportation

It is best to book your wedding transportation early enough to avoid inconveniences at the last minute. Below are some tips to help you get the best transportation for your wedding:

Know Your Guests

Having an estimate of the number of wedding guests that will require transportation helps you know which vehicle works best. You can also budget for transportation better when you know the number of guests to cater to.

Ask the Right Questions

Ask about the number of hours the vehicles will be available. Also, ask if the quote includes gas and the mileage the vehicles can cover.

Ask if the transport company will provide drivers for the vehicles. If they will, ask about the drivers’ experience. Also, know the vehicles your wedding car supplier can provide.

Check the Vehicles

The vehicle transporting you to the venue will appear in your pictures a lot. So, it needs to look good.

Besides aesthetics, the vehicle should be in top condition. Otherwise, you may spend the entire day dealing with car problems.

Ensure you check the transport vehicles to confirm whether they are in good shape. Also, check the interiors of the vehicles to ensure they are comfortable. Check whether you can roll down the windows in the vehicles.

All the vehicles should have functional seatbelts, and the seats should be comfortable. The vehicles should also have a functional AC and heating system.

Get a Quote

Ask your transportation company to quote their price to include it in your wedding budget. Ensure you get a detailed quotation that breaks down the price to see what you will pay for. A detailed quote prepares you to avoid dealing with hidden costs later on.


If you feel a transport company’s price is too high, negotiate for a better deal. If you require several transport vehicles, try asking for a discount.

Some hotels also offer transportation for guests. So ask your hotel about transport before talking to transport companies.

Get Recommendations

Consult friends and family members who have had wedding transport for recommendations. Ask about the company’s customer service and whether they encountered any difficulties.

Choose the Best Transportation Company for Your Wedding

Transport and logistics are an essential part of event planning if the venue for your wedding is out of town. Transport is also necessary for a wedding with multiple venues.

If you require the best transportation company for your wedding, it is good to explore your options early to ensure nothing ruins your day. Ensure the transport option you choose works for your budget and can cater to all your needs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. Keep an eye on our website for more exciting blog posts.

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