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How to Choose Best Rental Car for Trip in Ireland?

If you are traveling a lot, at some point of time you must have gone for the option of car rental. This is true especially if you are having your tour in a big city that has more than one spot you are intending to visit. Car rental in Dublin creates less hassle for you and provides a comfortable solution for all your baggage. You will not have to take a taxi or any private company, which in both cases wastes some of your time waiting for them. Renting a car is also a cheaper solution. If you compared the price you pay for taxi – which might not be always available – you will find renting a car is way cheaper and the best solution for you.

There are more than 7 car rental companies available with different cars that are the most popular and affordable in Ireland. These companies are Hertz, AVIS, Europcar, Enterprise, Budget, Dooley, SIXT, etc.

While choosing the car, you have to decide whether you need a luxurious car or a cheaper one that won’t burn a lot of fuel. This decision should depend on the volume of your baggage, how many people you are going with and what distance you are going to run every day so the option should be yours to judge. For example, if you are having a family of 4 members, then a minivan or SUV will serve your matter the best way. Also, these companies are having vans and trucks for rental in case you are having lots of things to carry with you.

Make sure to select a car that can have child safety seats in it if you have children with you. Also, try to know each and every detail about the car itself in order to avoid any problems while being on the road. Considering what fuel to put in your car is a major factor you need to bear in mind as well because wrong fuel won’t let your car function properly if it is not applicable for a certain engine.

Not all of the companies in Ireland are providing cars with automatic transmission. If you really prefer automatic transmission you need to double-check the available of vehicle with the automatic transmission in the company you are renting a car from. It is also handy to consider a car with a GPS device to avoid any unexpected misleads with your mobile navigator. In addition, a local navigator on rented car is way better for your trips as it usually does not require constant internet connection.

Roads in Ireland are in great condition throughout the whole country. You might only find it difficult to enter narrow streets if you have selected a really big car. Besides this, there is always a large variety of vehicles that you can rent in order to travel around Ireland, you just need to choose wisely and drive safely.

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