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How to Choose a Water Distiller: Everything You Need to Know

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It’s a sad truth that over 25 million Americans get subpar drinking water. The reasons vary from poor water sources to poor upkeep of water systems in a given town or city. Regardless of the causes, contamination can trigger numerous health problems depending on the exact contaminant.

That’s why many people turn to in-home water treatment options. One option that has grown in popularity in recent years is a home distiller.

So, how do you choose a water distiller? Keep reading for some key points to keep in mind when picking between water distiller brands.

Distilled Water Benefits

The main benefit of distilled water, regardless of the types of water distillers on offer, is that the process removes contaminants from the water. Some of the common contaminants removed include:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Heavy metals

While distillation won’t remove all contamination, it can make poor-quality water much less detrimental to your health. It also provides you with cleaner water for small appliances. For example, distilled water for humidifier use means the moisture in the air will carry fewer contaminants.

With the key benefits out of the way, let’s look at how to pick.

Check the Features

One of the first things you should consider is the water distiller features. Some models offer very basic functions, while others will provide a wider range of features. While the core function remains the same, those extra options may make your life easier.


There is a certain level of truth in the idea that the price of an item will reflect its quality. In many cases, the higher-priced versions of a product may offer identical functions but provide a much longer working life. It’s something you should keep in mind when comparing water distiller prices.


While water distillers aren’t like cars in that some companies have stellar reputations, the brand may still matter to you. Some brands offer better warranties that help you protect your investment in a water distiller.

Check the Reviews

Reading online reviews of a product is a good way for you to get a sense of how well a water distiller works and holds up over time. With that said, you should read more than one review.

Some reviews come from companies that review products when they release. Those reviews are great for understanding features.

You should also read consumer reviews from people who buy and use the products. These reviews can give you a better picture of how a distiller holds up to real-world use.

How to Choose a Water Distiller

The good news is that the problem of how to choose a water distiller doesn’t take a complicated answer. It mostly boils down to a few essential activities.

You should compare the features on offer. You may find a model that offers some extra features you want.

You should also consider the price to weigh if the benefits justify the cost. Give the reviews a solid once-over to understand the features and set real-world expectations.

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